I’m having a disagreement with merm.

He and my DD got new phones so he boxed up the ones they replaced and sent them to me. He said he’d disconnected the batteries but they are charging. I’ve kept telling him they are lighting up, beeping, and cutting all sorts of tricks but he keeps insisting the batteries aren’t connected. I dunno. Maybe it’s a miracle. The ear piece that goes with my cell phone works with them, too. That’ll be nice. I haven’t had a hands free phone since I quit using that big old bulky Panasonic years ago. Now, with two phones, I won’t have the excuse that the phone was in the bedroom and I couldn’t hear it ring.

I was up before the alarm went off but I still had to shave off a minute here and a minute there to get all of my vision therapy in.

100% Raw Food

12 ozzies OJ (the oranges aren’t very juicy, either)
32 ozzies banana/blueberry/spinach smoothie
3 banana/1 apple “Apples with Snow” (I could have eaten that much more—it was delicious!)
A very young coconut with all spoonable meat
The rest of the scuppernongs 🙁
A smidgen of kim chee
A large salad of curly leaf, romaine, cucumber, Roma tomatoes, a little sweet onion, dressed with cashew dressing

It was an overcast day just about all day long. I was working on a Medicare project so I didn’t ever get away long enough to walk. When I went to the break room to eat my lunch (after the department head meeting in a room cold enough to hang meat) the sun broke through the clouds. I would have never known it in my office. There are no windows. I have pictures of the outdoors on the walls so I don’t go completely batty.

I called Nancy to see if she had anything grown enough to harvest this week. I got her voice mail so I said for her to call me back IF she was picking anything. I didn’t hear from her so I guess the harvest is over until the cool weather crops come in.

The fruit/veggie stand was in town. I stopped and got some peaches, oranges (the eating kind), cucumbers, and an onion. They had grapefruit but no scuppernongs. That is so sad.

The Last Scuppernongs
These were the last of my scuppernongs and I relished every one.

Just got an e-mail from merm that he guessed he left the batteries connected. You think? I’m glad he did. I tried my best to take the back off one of the handsets and about caused myself a hernia.

When I got home, I checked the rain gauge. There was a trace of moisture in it. There’s a 50% chance of showers tonight with small percentages the rest of the week with the smallest (20%) on Sabbath. I’m supposed to see two of my sisters and parts of their families at the university Homecoming that day so I won’t be heartbroken if there isn’t much precipitation.

My son had e-mailed me when I was at the conference and I had failed to acknowledge it since I was rushing around getting ready for the first morning’s sessions. His computer had died so he went to a place where he could get good deals on used ones. He ended up with one for the family and a laptop for my granddaughter. The wireless hub we thought was shot was just configured incorrectly so it’s working. They got a wireless card for the laptop so they are cruising right along. He said I’ll be able to get online when I’m there next. I have no idea when that will be. I was hoping to see them this weekend but there’s a Pathfinder campout that will take them away. I remember those days. They are very busy.

It’s going on 10 o’clock. I’ve fed the Twinkle. She is eating four medallions a day now. Seems she is over the malaise she experienced when she was eating dry cat food. She had very stinky stools and urine as a result of that, too. Pleasant, huh?

To make sure the phones are working, I plugged them up to the phone line and let merm know I got a dial tone with each! Woohoo! I’m moving up in the world!

Good night!

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