The predicted rain hasn’t shown up.

First thing when I got up, I looked outside to see if I’d need to go buy an umbrella (another thing I forgot). Nope. No need. There have been a lot of clouds around today but lots of sunshine, too.

I did all of my exercise that I can do without equipment including a 70 count pushup.

100% Raw Food

27 ozzies OJ/part blended with lots of pineapple
75% of a 32 ozzie banana/red grape/romaine smoothie (I thought I didn’t have time to drink it. Turns out I had all the time in the world.)
A Golden Delicious apple (the president had fresh fruit on the breakfast bar—a first) (she said it was for me)
Shredded lettuce and lots of sliced tomatoes (from the lunch buffet)
3 bananas (from the breakfast bar)
Kim chee
Lots of scuppernongs (I’m gonna miss them when they’re gone)
3 Roma tomatoes with Tajin
Large salad of romaine, sweetheart tomatoes, sweet onion, baby seedless cucumber, parsley, dressed with cashew dressing
Maybe eight almonds

After I took my shower, I discovered I’d not tucked my pick into my bag. I had to “finger comb” my hair. It was presentable but not beautiful. I got dressed and readied myself for the day.

The second I closed the door behind me, I realized I’d locked myself out. The housekeeper said she isn’t allowed to let anyone in a room. She apologized and told me I’d have to go to the front desk. I did, and got a replacement key card.

Finally, at the conference center, I got to meet two of the male people I’d only known from phone calls and e-mails from Patient Access at the Mother Ship. Nice to put faces with names.

One of the vendor reps stopped me and told me they’d been talking about my diet last night. She was asking me lots of questions. I finally got her my card and told her to look it up. She’s part of a weight study and has the lap band as a participant. She said she’s lost a total of 140 pounds with it. She’d plateaued and the doctor tightened it just a little and she subsequently lost 50 pounds. If I hadn’t found what I did when I did, I would have been tempted to do something like that, too. I’m so thankful I’ve trimmed the fat and gotten healthy at the same time. There’s little to no danger that I will ever be chronically malnourished. She asked me if I take vitamin supplements and when I said no, she said I get them from my food. Finally, someone who UNDERSTANDS! She was talking about things she can and can’t tolerate. She has no problem eating sweets but has a hard time with other foods. It’s sad she can’t do this (she may not want to, anyway) though with the lap band, it can be reversed.

The sessions started late. They were all good, though. We had lots of interactive things going during the keynote speaker’s presentation.

After lunch, I got out and walked for a few minutes. The next session had started before I got back.

The vendors were giving away freebies. The one that drew my name last year for an Ipod Nano drew it this year for an insulated bag (six-pack size) and a lanyard that lights up. Other people were winning gift cards and cash but I got the biggie last year so I guess it was someone else’s turn.

After we were released for the day, I came to the room. My key card didn’t work. I went back to the desk and the girl activated it for me again.

I needed a couple of things from Wally World plus I wanted to go get something for the “Bring a gift take a gift” exchange. By the time I got there and started back, traffic was bumper to bumper and crawling. I would have had to cross six lanes to get to the mall I’d planned to shop. I figured I’d forget it and not participate this year. I’ll go shopping on the way out tomorrow. My sisters are urging me to take advantage of all the good stuff here. Problem is, the credit card bill is in my name. I’ll get what is necessary and let the rest go.

Besides the horrendous traffic, I was in need of the bathroom and I was getting pretty hungry. It was nice to get back to the hotel.

After I ate the almonds, I took a bath. The tub is made for someone who is very tall and skinny. I’m not tall. I tried to sit up and lean against the end. I slipped down to the other end and it felt like I was on my way to the Atlantic. I like my tub at home. It’s much wider and is made for a person my height.

I just looked out again and the parking lot is a dry as the proverbial bone. We still need RAIN!

It isn’t even 9 yet but I’m going to hit the hay. May or may not watch a little TV. I’m spoiled by my DVR. I keep wanting to rewind or watch something I’ve recorded and I can’t do either one.

One thing I’m going to miss is the highspeed Internet. This is even faster than what I had access to in NY.

Take care, everyone. Enjoy being where you are. I’ve been having a good time mostly on my own. People are used to my not joining in the wining and dining so I come and go as I please.

Good night and sweet dreams!

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