It was a beautiful day for traveling.

When I got up this morning, it was obvious it had rained in the night. Not much but the weeds were wet. Weeds are about all that are hardy enough to withstand the terrible drought we are having. I checked the rain gauge. There were a few drops. I’d heard it hitting the vent in the bathroom last night.

This was vision therapy day. I was close to calling it a day and staying on the bed with the washcloth over my eyes when the timer went off.

100% Raw Food

A young coconut with wonderfully spoonable meat
27 ozzies OJ
4 mangos=1 quart cubed (I ate part of it and blended the rest with 13 ozzies OJ)
2 bananas
Kim chee
28 ozzies banana/spinach smoothie
1 slice pineapple
Lots of scuppernongs

Yesterday, one of the girls had asked me if I had already packed. I laughed at her because I don’t pack that far ahead. Turns out the laugh was on me. I got here with all my clothes but I had to buy a container for my salad and a quart measuring cup. There are other things in the way of utensils I forgot, too, but I’ll be okay.

My neighbor happened to be at home so I went to let him know I’d be gone until Friday. I gave Twinkle her beloved dry food. She gorged on it and immediately threw it up. I had that to clean up on top of getting everything loaded into the car.

I left the house at noon and went to top off the gas tank. I hadn’t checked on Mother for several weeks so I did a drive by. Everything looked okay so I continued on.

There are a couple of places I stopped—once to go to the bathroom so I bought water to make it worth their while to let me use the facilities. Wal*Mart was right on the way and I needed the container and the measuring cup.

There was a sadness I discovered when I was going though one of the small towns. They are replacing the old bridges and they killed the Elephant. There was a growth of kudzu that looked for all the world like an elephant. I kept thinking I’d stop and take a picture but I never did and now it’s too late.


I made it to Knoxville from there and found Earth Fare with no problem except it was 1.4 miles past the turn instead of 1.9 so I had to backtrack just a few feet. They are a little higher than the organic market I usually frequent but they had raw, unpasteurized almonds so I stocked up. I had two baskets—one for the hospital to reimburse me for and the other had my almonds and a couple other things I don’t use much (EVOO and ACV). When I was looking over the selection of EVOO, there was Rachael Ray with her own brand! I didn’t buy it.

When I drove past Russell Stover, I yelled, “Mother says hey!” Of course she didn’t but that was one of her favorite places along with Mikasa.

It was bumper to bumper coming into Pigeon Forge. I stopped at Wal*Mart to get citrus and some more romaine. Except there was no organic romaine to be had. There was very little organic anything and that’s where I shopped last year.

Getting back on the highway was easy but it was stop and go, crawl and poke along again. I got to the hotel, checked in, and was looking over my room by 5. I called the desk and was told there isn’t wireless except in the lobby so I had to get a network cable for a $20 deposit that will be refunded when I return it. I downloaded the Opera upgrade at 335KB/s. At home, I would have been lucky to hit 5KB/s. I asked about a drug store and it was on the other side of the main drag. The man wanted to know what I needed and I told him a plastic fork and spoon. He went and got me a nice set of black plastic knife, fork, and spoon with a napkin sealed in a plastic pouch and told me to save my money.

I wrestled everything onto a cart and, with a nice man’s help, got it inside and into the elevator. I’d been given a choice of floors 1-4 and I took the 4th. My view last year was the cemetery.

The View

This year, I have a view of the mountains. Not spectacular but an improvement.

The reception was supposed to start at 6 and go until 8 so I got everything pretty much squared away except for my clothes and fixed a green smoothie.

The Kitchen

This is my kitchen.

Just for fun, I decided I’d try to take my own picture. I do hope the camera adds 10 lubs.

Yours truly

After I drank my smoothie, I headed for the reception. It was a little after 7 by then. I saw a couple of people outside I knew and talked to them for a few minutes. Heading in, I was surprised to see empty tables and the president and another person I used to work with were putting the food away. I was going to get a plate when I was handed a plastic bag and invited to take the fruit. I ended up with pineapple, honeydew, strawberries, cantaloupe, and grapes. Guess I hit it about right.

I came on back to the room, got salad greens ready for tomorrow, ironed clothes, and ate.

That’s about it for my day. I carried my phone with me which would make my DD proud.

I’ve left a wakeup call for 6 am. I planned to bring my GymBar so I could BodyFlex but guess what? I’ll do my other exercises instead.

Good night from my home away from home!

3 Responses to It was a beautiful day for traveling.

  1. MJ aka Fruitloop October 18, 2007 at 1:01 am #

    Is that your L’equipe blender? It is very stylish! I’d like to get it just becuase I like the way it looks! *L* It looks like you packed well. You have all your kitchen equipment. That is all that matters. You look great by the way!


  2. susan October 18, 2007 at 2:41 am #

    Tommie ~

    That is a nice ‘lil makeshift kitchen you have there! What in the world is that blender? Is it Vitamix? KTek? or?? It is so unique looking…I am just curious as to what it is/where you purchased it!

    Love your blog — I’ve been reading it daily scince finding it:)


  3. Tommie October 18, 2007 at 7:33 am #

    It is my L’Equip and I love it love it love it. I used my DD’s VitaMix while I was in NY and it’s more powerful but the L’Equip does a better job, IMHO. Susan, I got it on eBay from seller sonicdoo. I have one at work, too. There’s another one that was stuck on high that was replaced so I’m trying to get it fixed to give to my friend since she doesn’t have a blender. I think it looks cool. It’s easy to clean which is a definite plus. BTW, I rarely use the lid for making smoothies. I only have to use it if I have something very liquid-y or a small amount like when I’m making cashew dressing.

    If you buy a L’Equip new, it’s around $125-$130. I got both of mine for something like $70 each including shipping on eBay.

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