Thank God! It’s Friday!

This has been a better week than the last one but it still had its trials and tribulations.

I went through my exercises to, and including, a 69 second pushup. It’s taking me long enough to work back up.

100% Raw Food

14 ozzies OJ
30 ozzies banana/romaine smoothie
Lots of scuppernongs
28 ozzies banana/red leaf smoothie (one romaine leaf sneaked in there, too)
Roma tomatoes, red sweet peppers, cucumbers chunked up in a bowl
1 young coconut (the youngest I’ve ever had—I went ahead and spooned out the meat and ate it) (no ill effects yet)
More scuppernongs
28 ozzies OJ

I think one reason my back has been giving me grief is because the pillow in my chair I’m sitting in/on has lost all its loftiness and I’m too low. I went into the spare bedroom and got one of the pillows and am on it. We’ll see how it does.

Today was a bank/post office day. I made it a point to go earlier. If I’d had the proper footware along, I could have walked after I got back but I’d left the house without it.

It was cool again but not as cool as yesterday. In the valley, it got down to 37 and up to 71. In my neck of the woods, it was 41 and 70. It gets cool later on the mountain. Has something to do with temperature inversion or something of that sort.

I called my friend and offered to pick her up and take her to church tomorrow. She gladly accepted. I’ll have to leave here about a half hour early but that’s doable. Now that I know the way, it doesn’t take nearly as long as I’d thought. We’re having communion plus it’s a fellowship meal Sabbath. I’ll have to think up something to take that doesn’t involve overt fat. Of course, I could give away whatever is left if I did make something of that sort.

My water bill is going to be enormous. I don’t plan to soak tonight. Maybe I can do without it from this point on.

Well, folks, I’m going to sign off here and go to bed so I can get up early and get something going.

Good night and happy Sabbath!

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