I’d forgotten about soaking in the tub.

That made it a little after 10 when I got to bed but I had been resting all that time. It’s already 9:30 so it will push me to make it two nights in a row.

I got up and did my vision therapy. I was pleasantly surprised by how well I could see.

100% Raw Food

14 ozzies OJ
34 ozzies banana/romaine smoothie
Half a sandwich bag scuppernongs
30 ozzies banana/romaine smoothie
Several Romas with 1 small pickling cuke chunked up in a bowl
4 Thai bananas
2 peaches
3.5 cups salsa (no avocado!)

I’m getting the volume of food back up to where it was pre-whatever it was that reared its ugly head. I have so many different opinions offered and I’m the only one on the inside looking out.

I walked for three laps this morning and two more this afternoon. I was going to go later for some more but, guess what! The time just slipped away.

The leg-holding-up competition was cut short when I had to go answer the phone. My competitor’s legs were beginning to tremble, anyway.

Nancy got a call that the tomato fields were to be bush-hogged so she needed to come glean if she wanted all the free ones she could pick. She’s going to make salsa to sell at fairs, etc. I told her it was fine that I didn’t get my food today. She’ll be by tomorrow with whatever is available that I’ll use.

The copier service man came out after noon and, of course, the copier was on its best behavior. He is like a bulldog, though, and was determined to find the cause of the trouble. He ran copy after copy and said he’d killed many trees. He was on his knees (possibly praying?), lying on his back, on his side. He bypassed the auto-shutoff when the door to the finisher is open so he could watch it work. He ran copies in every configuration possible (there are about six different ways we can staple, for one thing) and FINALLY it made The Noise. It is the one it makes before it starts jamming. Aha! Before I knew what was going on, he had his allen wrench out and was taking things apart. He isolated it down to a little part about an inch across and a couple of inches tall. Such a little thing to make so much trouble! He called and it may be in tomorrow but then, again, it may be the day after. He said there was one other copier he had worked on that had the same problem and it was located in northern Georgia. I pity those poor folk. He got it all put back together with no parts left over, went to the bathroom, and was on his way. We can use the finisher at our own peril.

I was out, myself, at a few minutes after quitting time and on my way home. Twinkle was sitting in one of the windows in my bedroom and was very insistent with her meowing. I saw why when I got into the house. The wind had pushed the bedroom door closed. She didn’t tell me how long she’d been shut in but I hope it wasn’t TOO long. I haven’t smelled anything.

My friend had called the hospital today to get the number for the new doctor. I thought she had it and had made an appointment but evidently not. I called her when I got home. She’s signed the papers for her apartment and the church is going to give her a housewarming. She’d had a disaster with a smoothie machine. She didn’t know she was supposed to dispense it through the spigot and she took the top off which let the contents go all over the counter and floor. It must’ve taken a lot to clean it up and she was tired. We didn’t talk long.

I got in the tub and soaked. It’s time to go do it again. Elchanan made an interesting observation when we were talking. He asked, “Are you holding in your stomach muscles?” I said yes. I have gotten in the habit of doing that. He said that throws the body out of alignment and I needed to relax my stomach and let my natural posture take over. I tried it today when I was walking and it works! I was able to stand straight and “tall” (can’t be too tall at 5’3″) and when I pull my muscles in, I tended to hunch over a little. Guess I can learn even though I’m an auld lady.

Good night, all you young things out there!

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