I’m edging toward getting to bed later.

I’m really not doing it intentionally.

I was in bed by 9:15 last night and up at 6:30. Once again, I took it easy and didn’t exercise.

100% Raw Food

4 medium bananas blended with water to make “mylk”
4 medium bananas blended with water to make “mylk”
4 baby bananas
1 young coconut (part of the meat went in the freezer)
Kim chee
A small salad of romaine/red leaf/tomato/maybe 1/2 cup leftover salsa for dressing
I don’t know how many scuppernongs

Most of my day at work was spent trying to make some sense of the printer situation. Our other copier (RIP) did everything beautifully. It was compact. This one isn’t. It copied. This one does. It faxed. This one does. It was a document server (we could store forms on it and print them on demand). This one blanks the documents out if the power goes off, plus it will have a security unit on it that will prevent anything being stored on it even if it worked. It printed from the registration program and the PCs. This one won’t line up right to print labels which makes it useless as a network printer.

One of the techs called me this morning and suggested we use a printer in another department to print our face sheets and labels. He gave me the model number and I set out to find where there was one, if there was one. I found one in Pharmacy—not an option because it’s a secure area and we couldn’t be running in and out—and one in a nursing home office which is about half a block away. I called and let him know and he told me he was bringing us a printer. I told him to bring two—one for Admitting & Registration and one for the ED. He said they only had one and his boss had informed him they weren’t ordering any more. I let him know that was unacceptable, that we would have to have two. I described, again, what the problem was with the labels (I understand if you don’t want to read all this but I’m venting) and he said, “Oh, I think I can fix that!” I said, “You told me before you couldn’t.”

Later on, here he came, wheeling in the printer and a second drawer. He looked at the copier and said it was already set on 66 lines. That would be fine except the labels print landscape. So…he really couldn’t fix it.

We had to sacrifice a shelf and a light to fit the printer on the counter next to the next-to-useless copier (well, not really but not nearly as useful as the other one). He got it all set up, called the IT department, and had them switch the settings so it would print from the network. It would print a face sheet just fine but it wouldn’t print labels. He triggered with it for hours and finally had to plug the copier back up to get us through ’til the office closed at 10. He said he would be back in the morning to try again.

It just dawned on me I didn’t send out the daily report but he took up so much of my time, I barely got out of there to take the mail (oh yes, I was also the bank/post office person today).

Which takes me back to this morning. One of the girls in the office was wondering if the fruit stand people were back in town yet. I said, “They told me they’d be back in October and it’s October. It seemed like a long time then, but it’s here.” When I went to pick up the mail, there they were! I’d walked off without my purse this morning so I didn’t have a nickel with me. They had SCUPPERNONGS! They smelled so good! I told her to save me a quart of them if they started getting gone. She said I’m a good customer and for me to take them and pay tomorrow. I took her up on it and I feasted tonight! I probably ate half of them and they were so good! I went back by this afternoon to find out their hours. She said they’d be there until 4:30 Monday through Friday until the days started getting shorter and then they’d close earlier. That’s until the day before Christmas Eve (would that be Christmas Eve Eve?).

I called Nancy when I got home and she said just about everything is gone because it has been so bone dry. She’ll call me in the morning and let me know what she can bring me.

When I had my salad ready to eat, my friend-who-flew-up-from-Mexico called and we visited for more than 45 minutes. That put me later, too. She wants me to come by and pick her up for church though she doesn’t know if she can go as early as I need to. Since I’ll be orgaster, I’ll have to get there on time.

I had an e-mail from one of my sisters and she is convinced that I had a gallbladder attack plus maybe a slight stroke when I got to NYC. I’ve had gallbladder attacks and this problem was similar and not similar at the same time. As for not being able to talk perkily when I got to the apartment, I think I was mentally exhausted and my brain said, “ENOUGH!” when I was able to be where I could quit hurrying. I appreciate her concern, but I think her diagnoses are off the mark.

So…that’s about been my day. I didn’t get out in the sun. I didn’t walk. There is one plus. Twinkle is back to being a raw cat. Her disposition is much better. She acts like she feels better. She finished both medallions in fairly short order today.

I haven’t been on the forum but they can do without me one 24 hour period, surely.

Good night!

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