I’m sleepy.

I was up every hour just about on the hour last night. My stomach hasn’t felt good since I ate the celery yesterday. Not sick but just not right, either. My quart of OJ is what kept me Going.

I don’t remember what time I got up. I just know I did.

100% Raw Food

14 ozzies OJ
3 large organic bananas
Some Cherry Berries (grape tomatoes)
1 young coconut, very fresh and good (I didn’t eat all the meat–the rest is in the freezer)
Kim chee
Marinated mushrooms
2 large tomatoes with Tajin
1 pint salsa with half an avocado
14 ozzies OJ
A few pieces of freeze-dried durian

I was thinking today was fellowship meal but that was last Sabbath. I was late to Sabbath School because I made slaw without the cauliflower or carrots and the mayo was more like Matt’s Dip made with English walnuts. When I got there, I was going to take my food into the kitchen and saw one of the ladies trying to get in to make some copies. She found someone who had a key. I asked her if there would be a meal after church and she said no. This was the fifth Sabbath and we have general fellowship meals the second and fourth. I offered to give her the slaw and she was thrilled. I hope she likes it. I’m really not “into” Atkins Raw. I’d taken some young coconut meat to another friend who wasn’t there so I gave it to the organist.

The Sabbath School lesson discussion was going on and on and on. It took up the song service time, too, and was very intellectual.

Church went ‘way over today, too. It was a good thing I had my bananas with me since all I’d had so far was OJ. I ate them on the way home.

I’ve posted on the forum this afternoon and e-mailed. I tried to get in touch with my friend’s daughter in Mexico but there has been no call in response to my voice mail. I thought she might be in church this morning but she wasn’t and no one knows where she is. One of the ladies said the pastor’s wife had picked her up from the airport on Wednesday. Actually, that was me!

Think I’ll get to bed by 10:15 tonight. That’s three minutes away but doable.

Good night!

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