Home again, home again…

I’m on the plane after getting to the airport in plenty of time. We are between NYC and Cincinnati.

After getting to bed after midnight, I woke at 6:45. I wasn’t going to look at the clock but Something prompted me to. I got up and started on the day.

I’d gotten all but the last minute things packed the night before and it was going to be a tight squeeze to get anything else in.

The local supermarket carries raw organic blue agave nectar so I walked down and got a bottle. It set me back $4.99, no tax. I went through the self checkout which I usually avoid because I routinely have so much produce that has to be weighed, etc. It was nice being out walking in the cool of the morning.

My DD and merm were up when I got up, preparing to fly to the Great Northwest this afternoon.

100% Raw Food
20 ozzies OJ (I offered to share but no one took me up on it.
Small bunch of red globe grapes
3 bananas (smallish ones)

That’s all I’ve had so far. I got a couple bottles of water from the stewardess and several napkins. I was reading in 80/10/10 that cabins are pressurized at 6,000 feet and the air is very dry. That can cause the body to lose water at a faster rate than usual. I’ll have to look back and see exactly what it says.

It’s getting slightly bumpy. I may have to stop this until it smooths out. So far, so good, though.

Back to this morning. I visited with my children until time to leave for the airport. They couldn’t go with me (I’d tried to get a flight close in time to theirs but no luck) so merm called the cab for me and took my things downstairs. I managed not to break down as I hugged them both goodbye. On the way to the airport, though, I got a little emotional and prayed especially for my daughter. She hates to fly and has much longer in the air than I do.

I did the curbside check-in and was all prepared to breeze through security. I hadn’t looked at my boarding pass but I was herded off again for a thorough search. I asked what made me such a lucky person but I didn’t get an answer. I guess the staff wouldn’t know, anyway. It went quicker this time. I was termed “secondary female” or maybe it was “female secondary”. I don’t know if that meant I was female secondary to being suspected of foul play or what. Anyway, I was the only one in the pen and got in and out quickly.

I prefer not to use bathrooms in flight so I went off to the nearest one to my gate. When I got in the stall, I called merm to relay the glad tidings that, once again, I was considered a Person of Interest. That blew his mind and he said my daughter would get a kick out of it. I’m glad someone would.

Things have smoothed out considerably so maybe I can get some more written and bore you with a blow by blow account of the trip.

I sat down at the gate. It turned out it was very easy to find since it was Gate 01. Soon as I got settled, a little grizzled old man came over and showed me his ticket. In broken English, he asked if that was where he was supposed to be to go to Cincinnati. I told him yes and he went on. He asked several more people the same thing and was assured each time. He even went to the desk and got confirmation. I don’t know why, but he seemed to have taken a liking to me or maybe he thought I looked like someone who knew what she was doing (yeah, right!). He sat down across from me and was on the edge of his seat the whole time. It was like he was prepared to spring into action as soon as I did. He got up and walked off for a minute and when he got back, someone had sat down there. I had my bags in the seat next to me but the one next to that was vacant so he sat down there. Once again, he was ready to go at a moment’s notice. His seat was far ahead of mine but he waited until Zone 6 was boarding before he got up and went over when I did. At least he didn’t follow me back to my seat. I didn’t see any more of him after that and I trust he got where he was going okay.

Now I’m home…

It was rather luxurious on the plane. I was sitting right in front of the rear exit and had both seats to myself. I settled in and was reading 80/10/10. Seconds stretched into minutes, then a half hour, and we had hardly moved. With my water and juice this morning, I was needing facilities. When the pilot came on the intercom to update us, he said we were 15th in line to take off and it would be at least another 20 minutes before we would be airborne. That did it. I unfastened my seatbelt, stood up, and walked to the loo that was just a few feet away. The stewardess looked horrified and said, “You can’t go in there. You need to get back to your seat!” I gave her a Look and she said, “Well, okay but you’ll have to hurry.” I went in, did what I had to do, washed my hands, and went back to my seat. There was an older lady across the aisle from me. I guess she felt brave and followed in my footsteps. She got the same treatment from the stewardess and was allowed to Go. It was a full hour after we were supposed to take off that we actually did.

I blogged awhile and read awhile. The stewardesses came by with snacks and bottles of water. I took two bottles of water and some napkins. I ate my bananas.

When we landed, I glanced at my boarding pass and figured there was no way I could make my connecting flight. I called the pastor by mistake–his cell phone and his wife’s are the same except for one digit. I told him I would be late and could he let his wife know. When I hung up, I was ready to go see if I could get on a later flight. The stewardess looked at my pass and said, “You’ll be fine. You can make it.” She told me I’d have to take the shuttle between terminals but one ran every few minutes. A pilot walked me over to where I could see the signs to the shuttle. I made my way as quickly as I could and there it was, boarding for the trip. I got on and sat down next to a nice lady who moved over to make room for me.

It was a long way to the gate. They were set up differently than I’ve seen anywhere else. There’s a row of doors with gate numbers one right after another. My name was being called as I got to the door. I identified myself and the woman told me to go quickly to the gate, that they were almost through boarding. Once again, it was a long way and when I got to the plane, it was a little commuter jet with steps going up. I climbed aboard, found my seat, and was beside a man who was definitely not thrilled to see me. He probably thought he was going to have both of the seats to himself. He turned away from me slightly and sat that way the whole trip. He was kind of hunched over and stared out the window.

I didn’t try to get out my laptop again. It was close quarters. I read and almost dozed off from the drone of the engines. The stewardess came and put my tote in the overhead so I couldn’t eat, either. I got another bottle of water (I still haven’t opened the two I got on the first leg) and refused the snacks.

We were a little late landing. I got to the baggage claim and the pastor’s wife found me. I had called her before we took off, after I was supposed to have my phone switched off, to let her know I had made the flight by the skin of my teeth. My bag wasn’t long in coming which was nice. She was parked on the third level and, seemingly, miles away.

She’d told me she needed to go to Costco and thought I’d enjoy seeing the big produce department. I was curious because people on my forum have talked about produce at Costco. Well, folks, I have been to New York City as a raw foodist and I have seen the light. I had access to gorgeous, beautiful produce that was wonderfully cheap and nothing I’ve seen in this neck of the woods even comes close. I ended up buying a pound of organic baby spinach which really was a good buy at $3.79. That was it.

After we left there, she offered to take me to Wild Oats. I gladly took her up on that. I got several things and had to put it on my credit card but at least I had one to put it on. I have enough food to do me tomorrow and part of Friday so I don’t think I’ll go on my extended shopping trip until Friday. Wild Oats has nice organic produce and it’s beautifully displayed. The PW took me to see the “raw” display which turned out to be dehydrated crackers, granola, dried sprouted sunflower seed, etc. Not anything I care to eat. It was interesting but not enticing.

We hit rush hour traffic and there was no way I was going to get back in time to pick up my thyroid meds. I have enough to last me until Friday, I think. I’ll have to go down tomorrow. I’d like to just stay home all day but it won’t happen.

She passed the first exit to connect to the highway coming home and doubled back. It turned out we should have gone on, anyway. She was getting hungry and there was a Taco Bell. I went in to use the bathroom while she got her food. She’d asked me if I could drive because she was unfamiliar with that part of town. I think she was halfway kidding but I offered to drive so she could eat. She took me up on it and off we went.

It was dark by the time we got to the hospital. I transferred my things and we stood talking about 80/10/10. I told her I knew she wouldn’t accept anything for coming to get me so I wanted to make a contribution to the project of her choice. There are a couple of things she mentioned and she left the final decision up to me.

I went to both supermarkets then started up the mountain to HOME! Twinkle met me at the door and was telling me about the time I’d left her here all by herself. I checked her food situation first and she still has plenty left. She drank all the water in her fountain (I’d unplugged it) and a little from the self-waterer. I have water to fill the fountain again and she’ll be set.

I’d gotten some kim chee at Wild Oats and, to finish off the day, I ate a little of that, the two bananas from my tote (they were pretty well smashed), and the rest of the red globe grapes.

I’m not unpacked. I don’t intend to be tonight. I’m going to bed and sleep until my mind changes.

Good night!

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