This is going to be another short one.

Today was kind of a quiet day. When I got up, I went to the produce place and got my oranges plus a few other things. The bananas were a little on the green side so the ones I used for my smoothie were frozen and thawed. Not delicious but filling.

I got back and jumped in the shower while my daughter was still here so if FedEx should come early, someone would be here to meet him even if I couldn’t go to the door. He didn’t show.

My daughter left for work (merm had to go in earlier) and Pixel and I were here all to ourselves.

100% Raw Food

20 ozzies OJ
Lots of red globe grapes
Kim chee
Marinated mushrooms
Huge banana/mango/romaine smoothie
Lots of tomatoes
Kind of big salad (romaine, cucumber, onion, tomato, dressed with lime juice, onion powder, garlic powder, sea salt, agave nectar)
Salsa with avocado

Once again, I lurked in waiting for the FedEx man. He didn’t get here at 9:30 like he did yesterday. I called and was told he would be here before 10:30. At 11 I called again and the woman told me he was running about a half hour behind. I took my book, The 80/10/10 Diet downstairs and sat in the space between the inside door and the front door and read for awhile. I called again and the woman was very nice and said things were unavoidably delayed in this area and he should be here soon. I had just started up the stairs to get on the computer when the doorbell rang at 12:05. I went barrelling down the stairs like a herd of buffalo and there he was! I was able to sign my name and collect my package.

Since I’m not at home, I got online to activate the card and it said I had no card that wasn’t activated. That seemed strange because I hadn’t activated it. I called the bank and the CSR said he’d activate it for me. So…it seems to work. I went in and updated my account info on the bills that are charged monthly to the card so everything should be squared away.

I hadn’t gotten anything for my grandgirls because of my being strapped for funds. I took my credit card and started searching for something to buy. I couldn’t find anything but I had a good long walk.

My daughter agreed to find something for them in town. She came home with two books about NYC. Later on, she gave me shirts for each of them that say “Space Geek” on them. Plus I have one for me. It’s a small. I’ll have to get little enough again to wear it.

I’d made the salsa and chunked up the avocado before the wage-earners got home. There was a pan merm had burned curry in the first night I was here that I cleaned up for him. I don’t think he noticed. I boiled tomato scraps in it to loosen up the gunk on the bottom. It was no problem to get rid of it then.

I’ve about finished packing. I’ll need to leave for the airport by 9 o’clock. I sure don’t want to miss my flight again.

It’s been a busy fun week. I could get used to being here. This little neighborhood is a neat place.

For now, I had better get to bed. Tomorrow is for travel. The pastor’s wife is supposed to meet me at the airport. She said she needs to swing by Costco. She figures I’ll be interested in seeing all the good produce they have. I don’t know that it will compare with what’s available here but we’ll see.

Good night!

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