We’ll see how far I get with this tonight.

It’s late again and I need to get to bed soon. I’ll make this short and sweet.

I got up early and took my thyroid med then went back down for the count. I slept well and was feeling good when I got up to stay.

100% Raw Food

3 oranges, juiced
4 banana/romaine/red leaf smoothie
Marinated mushrooms
2 bananas blended with a little water
A young coconut at Caravan of Dreams (meat was too mature to eat all of it but it was very fresh)
Raw nachos
Raw bruschetta same place
Sampler platter with Spinach Quiche: The Live Sampler/A smaller portion of the live entree-of-the-day, mango and avocado chunks, flaxseed chips, an open-faced banana topped with mango chutney, and a salad. except mine didn’t have the banana
Berry Cheesecake, shared

I ate too much and it was delicious but I had walked a lot to get there and walked a lot more around China Town where I found MANGOSTEENS! I bought a bag of them and they are in the fridge waiting for tomorrow to get here so I can try Something New. I have pictures merm took of the experiences of the day which I’ll put up tomorrow. It’s too late tonight.

Something else I found was freeze-dried durian and freeze-dried jackfruit. Not optimal but nice for an occasional treat.

We watched a movie after we got back. I asked about popcorn but it didn’t do any good.

It’s been a fun day but I’m ready to go to bed and give my bod a break. The way I looked today, I need my beauty sleep.

Good night!

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  1. Stephen September 24, 2007 at 9:29 pm #

    Hi Tommie, It was great to meet you at the Raw Health and Happiness Society here in New York. I came right home after the meeting and visited your site here. The mangoesteens sound great, I’ll have to try to get to Chinatown and buy some for myself. Congratulations on your time raw. Keep up the great work. We can all inspire each other to stick with it. Ciao! Stephen

  2. Tommie September 24, 2007 at 11:16 pm #

    This was a unique experience for me tonight. It was amazing to sit with a roomful of people who all have the same desires/goals to achieve the 80/10/10 RV way of life. My life has had me in the minority most of the time but it’s been one that I’ve been willing to maintain because I feel so good! One thing that I need to work on is remembering how tired I used to get and cut my DD some slack. She was about ready to drop when the meeting was over and she had to push through and get us back to the apartment. She’s a real trooper and I appreciate her. She didn’t have to go with me tonight. It was a sacrifice of the little free time she has.

    The mangosteens are frozen/thawed and I’m sure ripe fresh ones right off the tree would be better. Someday…I’m going to where they grow and eat them in their prime.

    Don’t be afraid of wedding cake! It can’t hurt you if you don’t put it into your body!

    Take care!

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