Boy! I had no problem sleeping last night!

I was out like a light not long after my head touched the pillow. I woke to go to the bathroom but it was back to sleep as soon as I got back in bed.

100% Raw Food

Kim chee (my daughter’s batch–yummy!)
Banana/spinach smoothie
3 oranges, juiced
Banana/romaine smoothie
More kim chee
Salsa with perfectly beautiful avocado

DD and I set out today on a Raw Foodist’s Tour. First we hit Chelsea Market. I had no idea what to expect. I thought I had a little of the concept but it was nothing like I’d thought it was. It’s kind of like Underground Atlanta because of the separate little shops but it isn’t underground. The produce part had lots of variety but it was expensive, not as fresh as I’ve seen in the shops right here in the neighborhood, and I didn’t see anything organic. We spent most of the time in the kitchenware store and didn’t buy anything. My purchases were one Scotch Bonnet pepper for merm and some dried raspberries just to be able to say I’d gotten them there.

After that, we walked through the Farmers Market in Union Square just to look but not to buy since we were planning on coming back through. All the food that’s available still blows my mind. Even the organic market will look pitiful when I get back home.

Next was Trader Joe’s. I wasn’t planning to buy any food there. I was more interested in the sponges that spring to full size in water and their Trader Joe cloths. My daughter bought some cereal, fake steak, and phony baloney. Big spenders. It took forever to get to the checkout. The 12 items or less line snaked around three sides of the store. We got in the “any number of items” line. It was shorter and not quite so long a wait. No one buys heaps of groceries in a place like that, anyway. Not like the two cart people that go through the checkouts at home.

Our last stop before starting back to the FM was Whole Foods. I especially wanted to go there because of all the raw food goodies everyone raves about getting in the delis at the Whole Foods stores scattered around the country. The only raw thing I saw was salsa and I like to make my own. It was downright disgusting. There were a couple of sections of “raw” food that had been dehydrated to death. A small package of raw “crackers” was $11.59. I bought two—NOT! That’s highway robbery. I know it’s time-consuming to make them but it would work out to about 50 cents a bite. No thanks. We couldn’t find anything we were looking for. The only good thing I got out of that experience was walking through the apple section. There were samples and I ate several bites. It was hard to tell the difference between the varieties because they were soaking in something like citric acid.

I was good for another 10 miles or couple of hours, whichever came first. I hadn’t considered my daughter at all. She said she was getting tired and wanted to go home. We decided to retrace our steps and call it a day.

When we went back to the FM, I got five ears of bi-color corn so I can make some chowder for supper tomorrow. My DD got some heirloom tomatoes. I’d taken my tote this time and it really helped.

I shared my salsa with the others this evening. My SIL thought it was especially good. He apologized for “prostituting it with corn chips” but I told him to eat them if he wants. Just don’t hold me down and force-feed them to me.

Looking around today, I was impressed that obesity is the exception and not the rule of the people out on the street. It may be more prevalent than it appears if the overweight population is staying home and having food delivered. Where I live, obesity is the rule and slim people are the exception. I was thinking that, if I could walk every day like I did today, I would be thin as a rail.

We had a good visit this evening. A little after 9, I called it a day and came upstairs. I got on Roger’s forum and mine for a little while and it’s already after 11. Time flies when you’re having fun.

I got educated today about the subway system. It makes much more sense to me than it did. I could be pretty certain I could get back to the apartment if I went out on my own. I do everything I do on my own, though, and getting out and exploring on my own doesn’t appeal to me. I do plan to get out in the neighborhood here the first part of next week. All the little shops look very interesting. I’m being careful what I buy to take back because my suitcase and laptop bag were FULL coming in. There might be room for a Kleenex going back.

I need to get to bed. We are going to church tomorrow, to Central Park, and to a museum in the afternoon. I’ll take shoes to change into since my running shoes are a little more casual than I want to be.

Good night, sweet dreams, and Happy Sabbath!

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