I’m getting an early start blogging.

I have Things to Do so I’ll make this quick.

I was up at 7:30 after getting to bed at 9:45 last night. I’m actually getting adequate rest for a change. I have more energy, too.

My exercises included the whole routine with a 95 second pushup. I think. I didn’t write it down again.

100% Raw Food

28 ozzies OJ–drank 11 ozzies by itself, blended the remaining 17 ozzies with 2 cups mango
34 ozzies banana/mango/green curly leaf smoothie
2.5 quarts watermelon
Lots of cherry tomatoes
3 peaches
A few bites of nectarine (they aren’t ripening the way they should)

My daughter and I conferred about what we will be doing during my visit. I’d like to be met at the airport but she would have to leave work early and travel a long way just to humor me so I’ll probably fend for myself, as usual, and take a cab all by myself. She doesn’t have a car which would mean she would be my cab-mate on the way to the apartment. Guess it wouldn’t make much sense. She and I would both get to the apartment about the same time, otherwise. If I’m left on the street, I can go to the little cafe around the corner to wait.

After I hung up talking to her, I called my son. He was on his way home. He and his family will be heading out South on Monday or Tuesday of next week. We are fulfilling prophecy by running to and fro.

I plan to travel very lightly. I’m not even going to take my purse. I’ve been trying to locate my fanny-pack but I have no idea where I put it two years ago next month. I’ve had no reason to use it since then. Twinkle’s self-waterer was eluding me, too. I had just about given up on finding it when I prayed one more time and said, “Lord, if you don’t want me to buy another one, please show me where it is.” I found it about two minutes later. Praise the Lord! He cares about something that small!

My laundry is done and smelling good. I need to do some ironing plus I have more to do in the kitchen. I warned my daughter that I may have to wash some clothes while I’m there and she said it was fine. I took a much larger suitcase last time but I was a much larger person then, too. Just look at my pictures here if you don’t believe me.

It’s been a busy day from the beginning. I sat down to eat and did a little forum-ing on both mine and Roger’s. I need to write an e-mail or two and then get back to preparing to depart.

I wanted salsa with avocado so badly this afternoon but I’m waiting until tomorrow. Today is Day Seven of the Green Cleanse and I made it through with no salt, no overt fat, and only a little onion once and a little garlic once. I’m proud of me.

I talked to my neighbors and let them know I’ll be leaving for a week. They keep an eye on the place for me when I’m gone. They’re good neighbors.

Better go get busy! CU later!

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