It’s been a beautiful Sabbath.

I got up at 7:45 after I went to bed at 9:30. That was over 10 hours! I’m planning to get to bed as early tonight, too. I’m not going to push myself and get sick before I go on vacation. I want to feel GOOD. That’s one reason I’ve been doing the Green Cleanse, too. Today was Day Six.

100% Raw Food

34 ozzies OJ/mango/strawberry blend
9 ozzies OJ, plain
34 ozzies banana/mango/romaine smoothie
2.5 quarts watermelon
20 ozzies banana/jackfruit/romaine/red leaf smoothie
Zucchini “pasta” with Magic Tomato Sauce (half a recipe made with lime juice)
2 quarts salad (the last of my organic romaine, commercial red leaf, sweet onion, tomato, cucumber, dressed with lime juice, garlic, onion, and agave)
1 spongy nectarine
1 Thai banana

I was able to drink my blended fruit and part of the smoothie before I left for church. I took the second glassful with me. It was so thick, I had to thin it some and I still had to drink it with a straw. I didn’t want a face full in the car.

The young lady who plays the organ the last Sabbath of each month agreed to play next Sabbath. I didn’t ask her if she would be willing to. I gave her a choice. Did she want to swap with me or play both days? She surprised me by saying she would play both! That’s wonderful! I’ll get a break for two Sabbaths in a row!

The nominating committee to nominate the nominating committee was chosen and I was one of the unfortunate ones. We met following the service and nominated the committee on the spot. They were talking about meeting on Thursday but I told them I’d be gone. We had it done and over in less than half an hour. I said I nominated myself to not be on the nominating committee. One smart aleck put me down, anyway, but I managed to not be one of the alternates, even. Now it’s up to the pastor to approach the people we listed.

It was so cool when I got home, I suited up to eat my watermelon and I still got in the tub and soaked to warm up. I was prepared to stay longer when the neighbors cranked up their motorcycyles (they have his ‘n hers). The exhaust was blowing across 100 feet of lawn and still coming in the window. I vacated the premises.

My “pasta” and tomato sauce was a huge departure from the Green Cleanse but nothing except (maybe) the garlic was prohibited. I went a little overboard with it, too, but that was the best batch of sauce I’ve made. I could have eaten it by itself.

I thought about going out to sun this afternoon but it was uncomfortably cool for that. I’m sure that next spring it will seem warm but it doesn’t now. I turned the heat on for an hour or so this morning. It’s 54.5 right now. I hope it doesn’t get any colder than that while I’m gone. I’m enjoying the volunteer basil and I hope to be able to keep it growing this winter. Basil is definitely not hardy.

Guess it’s time to wind this up and call it a day. Good night!

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  1. Alisha September 15, 2007 at 11:05 pm #

    Hi I am 16 yrs. old and have been raw since the end of june…I have lost 42 pounds. My grandmother is raw as well and has lost 52! I have been trying to find more raw foodists to talk to. I would really enjoy talking to you more, here is my email:

    Can’t wait to hear from you!


  2. Tommie September 16, 2007 at 12:51 pm #

    Hi, Alisha! Wow! Another Tennessean! And you are doing so well as is your grandmother. How long has she been eating raw?

    I took your e-mail address out of your comment because I’d hate for you to get a lot of spam because of me. I have the forum at and there is lots going on! Join up and post away! I don’t have a lot of time to communicate privately but I’m part of the conversation there.

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