Today seemed like Monday all day long.

I’m glad it wasn’t but it sure could’ve been. I got up in time to do my BodyFlex. I could have done more had I not cleaned the house some.

100% Raw Food

20 ozzies grapefruit juice

30 ozzies banana/pear/spinach smoothie

24 ozzies banana/romaine/red leaf smoothie

Lots of cherry tomatoes, 2 large Romas, 1 large cucumber chunked/sliced into a bowl

3 quarts watermelon
Kim chee

There was no way on Planet Earth that I could get out and walk this morning. I was asked to go to the post office and bank and by the time I played troubleshooter and did a few other things, I had to head out. When I got back, I called and was asked to put the mail up, too. It was going on 11 when I made it back to my desk.

Things were a little better today. Not settled, but better. I’ll live through it, I’m sure, and maybe I’ll look back and laugh but I don’t know.

My tomatoes, etc., were eaten at the picnic table. The helicopter was getting ready to take off before I finished so I had to leave the sun and breeze behind and go inside.

After I took the mail to the post office this afternoon, I went to the supermarket that had a sale on watermelon last Friday hoping that they had some left. Sure enough, they did, and I dug down to the bottom of the bin and found some very large melons. I got two of them and one of the smaller ones for $2.99 each. There were also some pretty mangos. That reminds me. I need to go put them out to ripen. All 10 of them. I’m losing a lot of my Ataulfos because they are rotting before they get ripe. Bananas rounded out my purchases and I headed up the mountain.

My fuel light started winking at me. I had reset my trip meter when I went to the organic market last time so I’d be able to tell my sister how far away it was so I really had no idea how many miles I got out of that tank of gas. I can usually get close to 400 but I don’t like to push it. I stopped and had it topped off.

The fridge had to be rearranged so I could get the melons in. I got a cold one out to have for supper. Half of it is in the fridge right here in the house.

After I ate my melon, I was cold. I decided I would warm up in the tub and about did myself in. I forgot I’d soaked some things in the tub in bleach and I poured some ammonia in to scrub it and ready it for use. The combination was overwhelming. For anyone who doesn’t know, ammonia mixed with bleach produces chlorine gas. I started running the water and vacated the bathroom ASAP. I didn’t go back in until it was cleared out. I was no longer cold, anyway, and I still haven’t had a bath.

Twinkle’s dry cat food arrived. I’m going to have to transition her to it. I fed her a small amount and she loved it. I’ll give her some every day until I leave on my trip and then I’ll fill the feeder. Hopefully, she won’t gorge herself and run out. She’s never been one to overeat. Not like me!

I hadn’t had a chance to call Nancy to put in my food order until this evening. She still has tomatoes and will bring me some sweet red peppers. Or red sweet peppers. The paw paws will start getting ripe soon and she’s promised me some. Just happens I’ll be gone when they first come in, probably.

One of my NC sisters e-mailed they had picked their last Crimson Sweet melon and it weighed 19 pounds. I asked her to ship it to me but I’d bet you a dollar to a doughnut she won’t. My BIL brought this one in because a critter had ruined the next to the last one. I’ve never had any luck growing melons.

My friend called from Mexico and left a message but I’m not calling her back tonight.

I think that’s about it for the exciting happenings today. I’ll call it quits for now and say good night!

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