Not a whole lot to tell about today.

I was up about the same time as yesterday and did all of my exercises including a two minute five second pushup. That was pretty intense. My arms were trembling the last 30 seconds, at least.

After a quick shower, I went out for an hour in the sun and listened to the first part of the Perfect Health Program. I keep intending to put the second CD on my Micro but I haven’t done it yet. It isn’t like I haven’t heard it but I get something new every time I listen to it. Dr. D. was talking about making choices. He said he was out on the road and had stopped in a supermarket to get some greens. There was a nice organic section with a good variety but the lettuce was rotten. Next to it was commercial lettuce that was beautiful and fresh. Which did he buy? The commercial lettuce, of course. I don’t like to buy compost, myself.

100% Raw Food

20 ozzies OJ blended with 16 ozzies strawberries
Apple with Snow (I only had one apple but it was yummy!)
36 ozzies banana/raspberry/romaine/red leaf smoothie
1 volunteer tomato
1 large pear
A quart plus 1 cup salsa with half an avocado

Since I didn’t have meals, as such, today, I’ve listed everything together.

I have to haul off my trash myself so I wait until I have a good car load before I make a trip. I don’t have anything in it that will stink or draw critters if it sits a long time. I managed to squeeze it into the car for the trip down the mountain.

My daughter called when I was fixing my smoothie. I drank it while we talked. We had a good visit, as usual, for about 45 minutes. We spent a lot of the time complaining to each other about our jobs. I don’t look forward to going to work any more like I used to. My sister wrote me there’s a line in the new Guideposts she likes. “Do something for someone every day, even it if it’s just to let them alone.” Amen. She also said, “I know what you mean about someone who doesn’t do the work not having a clue. It is frustrating, to say the least. We usta think such folk should be required to work in the situation for a given period, just to get oriented.” Something like walking in my shoes or the registrars’ shoes? As much training and responsibility my crew has, I’d like to think they’d want us to have what we need at all times. We are the Front Lines.

I called the produce place where I’ve been getting my oranges and asked about juice oranges. I was told they were expensive and they were. Plus they shortchanged me in quantity if they were actually supposed to be 125s. I got half a box for $16.50. Except there were 58. I counted them as I put them in the fridge. That should do me, with the grapefruit and the oranges I already had, until I leave to go see my daughter and SIL.

I’m getting ahead of myself. After I talked to my daughter, I pulled on some clothes, ran the pick through my hair and set out. I drove through the cemetery and there were leaves everywhere. The drought is taking its toll. My FIL used to say the “droughth” was killing everything but I don’t think we ever had anything this bad. Maybe a month without rain but we’ve had month after month with either very little or none. He would catch rainwater in 55 gallon barrels and water his garden during dry weather. I went out and watered my plants with tap water today. Not that it will do them much good but maybe it will keep them alive. I have a couple of basil plants that have come up from what I had in the early summer.

The dumpsters are set up in rows on each side of a ramp with a level place at the top for two vehicles to park and unload. There were already two trucks when I got there. The one in front had all sorts of trash that used to be treasures. There was a scooter, a little step table, a round metal tray, and nothing was bagged. They were throwing out handfuls of things and it took forever. One woman behind me finally carried her lone bag over, backed out, and left. The fellow in the truck between them and me was pretty much captive. He’d unloaded long before they were through. Had I been quick enough, I could have backed up and let him out but I didn’t have all my wits about me and I got hemmed in again. After what seemed like an hour but was probably more like 15 minutes, I was able to get on top and get rid of Stuff. I wish there were bins for recycling but there aren’t.

I’d taken the fan to return and in looking up my receipt, I discovered why my limes were a dime each. The cashier had charged me for key limes. I told the CSR that the fan was okay but was missing the car adapter, the watermelon wasn’t ripe, and the limes had been undercharged. She assured me I’d be refunded for them, too. I finally got it through to her that I hadn’t paid enough for them. She said, “That was our mistake. We’ll just leave it.” And she gave me the money for the fan and the melon. I went through the store and got everything I needed and left.

It was well past 6 when I got home. I unloaded at the other fridge and came on to the house. After I brought everything in and got things put away, I ate a pear and made the salsa.

I’ve got the dishes washed and I’m sleepy. It’s 10:20 and I’m going to bed. Good night and Happy Labor Day Eve!

2 Responses to Not a whole lot to tell about today.

  1. MJ September 3, 2007 at 9:51 am #

    Tommie, I love reading your blog. A lot of the thoughts that go through your head about your day, your reactions to your food, buying it and how people interact w/ you about your food is so familiar to me. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Tommie September 3, 2007 at 11:54 am #

    Thanks for the good words, Floop. Maybe those thoughts are universal? I used to love my job. It’s always been a challenge and that’s okay but now I’m having to fight tooth and nail. That’s wearing. And it’s getting very old very fast. Maybe I’m supposed to retire now and leave someone else who is younger to do battle? I don’t know. I need to keep working but I don’t want to end up with cancer from stress, either. Since I have “cleaned up my act” as far as food, exercise, and sun, maybe I wouldn’t get cancer but stress can cause a multitude of problems. Hopefully, God and I can get things resolved and things will settle down but I don’t have time to do what I need to do plus justify my every move.

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