I was in bed shortly after this last night.

It’s 9:31 by my taskbar clock. I didn’t get up until almost 8.

100% Raw Food

32 ozzies OJ/mango blend

The rest of the day
Most of a young coconut
2.5 quarts watermelon
Kim chee
32 ozzies banana/romaine smoothie
Salad of the last of my organic romaine/organic red leaf, tomatoes, cucumber, onion, okra dressed with lime juice/EVOO dressing (all salad ingredients organic except for onion)
Corn chowder

It’s been a nice Sabbath. I got to church early enough that I had to sit in the car to finish listening to “Ranger BIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLL!” I didn’t stay for every last bit but just enough to know how it ended.

There was a sadness that happened yesterday morning. The FIL I wrote about last week died. His son showed up for church with his wife and I expressed my sympathy. He said there was so much suffering that it was a relief to see him at peace. I know the feeling. That’s the way my mother’s death seemed to me. The memorial service is next Sabbath afternoon. I promised to be there.

Guess I surprised everyone at the end of the service by launching into the introit instead of “Dismiss Us, Lord”. I had failed to flip my music card. It wasn’t too terrible since they are both written in the same key and I went into it by continuing to play with my feet and right hand and changed the music with my left.

On my way to the car, I was met by one of the ladies with a basket of apples. She offered me one and I took her up on it. I’ll have Apples with Snow for breakfast.

A confession about my salad. I didn’t eat all of it. The ingredients (all but the okra and onion) were past their prime. That violated one of the tenets of Dr. D.’s teaching–whole, fresh, ripe, raw, organic. It was everything else but fresh. It was just as well I didn’t get all the EVOO, too. I didn’t use much but it doesn’t take much, either. As for organic, I’m out of everything but a few cucumbers and tomatoes. The tomatoes aren’t wonderful this week. The heat and lack of rain make them kind of sad. I went by a tomato field today that is brown. This time of the summer, the fields are usually still green with tomatoes coming in but that one is cooked.

Back to organic. I read a statement by Dr. D. that said eating good quality raw commercial produce is preferable to eating cooked organic. More often than not, I have to eat commercial. Raw commercial but commercial.

Yesterday, one of my co-workers brought in an article from the Internet about salmonella in bagged spinach. I don’t use bagged spinach if I can get good bunch spinach. I’ve been out of spinach for several days, too. There’s always the danger of salmonella in eggs but do you see them taken off the market? I don’t think so!

I was feeling kind of drooped this afternoon. Maybe from all the stress of the week? I lay down for a little while but I couldn’t go to sleep or even just rest. I finally got up. I would have liked to go out for some sun but it got pretty hot.

For supper, I got into my last pound of really raw cashews. I was afraid they might be stale but they aren’t. That vacuum packing does the trick.

Think I’ll wind this up and go to bed. Thanks for your comment, Marjorie! I was beginning to believe I was all alone here.

Good night!

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