Thank God! It’s Friday!

I don’t have to go back to work until Tuesday. This has been the week from you-know-where. It has worked patience in me, for sure. And I got hit with another ton of bricks just before I quit for the day. Makes me feel like retiring but I don’t see how I could manage financially. Maybe that’s the idea? Anyway, it will be Sabbath soon and I can let go of the Cares of the Week.

It was past 6 when I rolled out this morning. I did BodyFlex and LSEs.

100% Raw Food

I did a watermelon day with a quart for breakfast, snack, 1.5 quarts for lunch, another quart for a snack, and 1.5 quarts for supper.

It calmed down long enough for me to walk my three laps and, thank goodness, the little Yappy Dogs were nowhere to be seen.

My lunch was a picnic at the picnic table under a huge evergreen. Picnic After I finished, I had about 10 minutes to spare so I sat on the grass in the sun for a few and then succumbed to temptation and lay down on my back. I would have loved to stay there but I had to go in when my 30 minutes was up.

The day was full of faxes and e-mails so I never got to auditing at all. There are some who believe it isn’t necessary to do it but I’m supposed to and I don’t have time. It gets busier and busier with no end in sight. Except two years from next February. Surely I’ll live that long.

Twinkle’s food came. She’ll be on a venison diet. They were out of beef with salmon. She was looking kind of ratty when I was feeding her half a small can of cat food per day but her looks have improved as has her energy. I know she’s glad that beef she hated is gone. And I’ll never order it again.

I’m supposed to call my friend in Mexico so I’ll be back later. It will probably be Sabbath by the time we hang up.

Did you miss me? I’ve talked to Mexico, one of my work friends called with a computer question and I’ve washed my lettuce for tomorrow. When I got the receipt out of the bag, I glanced at it and saw I’d been charged for four lemons that I didn’t buy. Also, I wasn’t charged for four pears that the cashier handled roughly, and she rang up the wrong kind of onion. I gasped when she dropped the pears in the bag and she looked surprised. I told her they will bruise. Maybe she actually thought they were lemons. What a mess! I’ll get that taken care of Tuesday.

I need your prayers again! I’m sure I can resolve this situation but I need Help from on High. I’m not going to try to do it alone.

Here’s hoping we will all have a happy Sabbath! Good night!

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  1. Marjorie September 1, 2007 at 12:43 pm #

    I wish you happiness and financial freedom!


  2. Tommie September 1, 2007 at 9:03 pm #

    Thank you, and may it happen soon!

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