This connection has been S L O W tonight.

I was about ready to give up when I tried a different number and it seemed to pick up some.

I was up about 20 minutes before the alarm went off. I did BodyFlex, etc., through a full two minute pushup.

100% Raw Food

22 ozzies grapefruit juice
30 ozzies banana/mango/spinach smoothie

3 bananas
4 cups Fred’s Mom’s Salad

1 cucumber
3 Roma tomatoes

1.5 quarts watermelon
2 quarts salad (organic romaine, red leaf, tomatoes, cucumber, commercial sweet onion, dressed with cashew dressing)

I was doing my laps and got yapped at by two little yappy dogs on two rounds. I was going for the third when someone told me Managed Care had been announced. I finished walking up to the clinic parking lot then turned around and went back to the hospital. It still helped me cope with the day in spite of the dogs.

Another project has landed in my lap. I wish I could be by-passed and the projects just go to the staff people who are supposed to do them but I guess I have to be the facilitator.

It was later than usual when I left to come home. I’ve been trying to catch up on some things. I haven’t been on Roger’s forum for a couple of days but I need to go to bed. I deleted the rest of the underage people who had signed up for my forum but that’s about all I’ve gotten done.

Here’s to some rain! There’s been a chance in the forecast for a couple of days now but nothing.

Good night!

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