Old habits die hard.

Every trip I make to the small bathroom, I flip the light switch as a matter of course. I know the light is burned out but it’s force of habit that makes me do it. I haven’t braved climbing up to the highest part of the ceiling to change the bulb. I don’t know that my step-stool is enough to get me there.

I didn’t get to bed until after midnight. My neighbor said she woke up and heard the rain pouring down. I guess I slept through that. When I checked the gauge, it had .5″ in it. Not much but we’ll take everything we can get.

I was up by 7:30 and did all of my exercises including a 101 second pushup. I’m going to have to work back up to two minutes plus.

100% Raw Food

22 ozzies grapefruit juice

3 quarts watermelon

Marinated mushrooms

Another snack
2 large nectarines

28 ozzies banana/mango/spinach smoothie

1 quart plus 1 cup salsa measured before adding 1/2 an avocado

I took a quick shower and went out to sun for an hour after I drank my grapefruit juice. It was overcast. No sun in sight but I still got some rays. It was very pleasant, cool, with a slight breeze blowing. When I turned on my stomach, the clouds were pretty much burned away.

It was a wonderful day for drying clothes. I did two loads and hung them out after my weekly visit with my daughter. She is working at work and working at home on a project which is taking up most of her free time. My SIL was doing the laundry, etc., today so she could concentrate on Getting Things Done. We talked just over an hour.

When I was hanging the second load on the line, it started clouding up and looked like business. I prayed the clothes would dry quickly and I could get them in before it rained. I was standing at the kitchen sink washing spinach when I heard rain hitting the leaves just outside. I ran out and got everything in. Most of it was dry and I hung what wasn’t inside.

I’d washed the comforter off the waterbed. It covers the featherbed I have on top of the mattress to help insulate it. I was brushing some of the lint off the featherbed and dust was flying everywhere. Before I put the comforter back on, I vacuumed the bed and “burped” the mattress. The bottom sheet goes over the double layer of featherbed and comforter. It looks much better without the big air bubble in the middle of the bed. It’s made up and calling to me.

The rain rained a few minutes then stopped, then started again. It did that several times. I looked in the gauge and there might have been .1″. I left it in there thinking the Lord might see fit to add to it tonight.

My oldest “child” called me this afternoon. He was in a town we lived in for four years back in the early to mid 70s. It’s grown considerably and what were fields when we were traveling those roads are housing developments. No wonder the animals have no place to go. Humans are taking over the earth. Main reason he called was to ask a computer question but we talked for about half an hour.

It’s past 10 and tomorrow’s a school day. I’m going to bed. The forum will have to do without me tonight.

Sleep well, everyone!

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