I was in bed 24 hours ago.

I won’t make it that early tonight. And you say, “DUH!”

I was up and down all night because of the watermelon but it sure was good. I’ve learned not to wake all the way up and I get back to sleep with no problem. I did wake once and heard rain. Not hard and not much but rain.

As I was recalling my day, it occurred to me I had listened to the Sabbath School lesson discussion on PineKnoll but I hadn’t done anything else. I was catching up just now and this was part of Prayerful Living for today:

Here are some US statistics for the year 1904:

• The average life expectancy in the US was 47 years.

• Only 14% of the homes in the US had a bathtub.

• Only 8% of the homes had a telephone.

• 90% of all US physicians had no college degree. They attended medical schools which the government called substandard.

• There were only a thousand cars in the US and only 144 miles of paved roads. The maximum speed limit in cities was 10 mph.

That’s the year my mother was born. How times have changed! The life expectancy has increased tremendously but, for a lot of people, the quality isn’t there. A huge percentage of the population is disabled because of obesity, drinking, and drugs and it isn’t just the illegal drugs that do damage. Listen to a commercial for the latest “miracle cure” and the side effects take more of the alloted time than anything else. The companies hire super-fast talkers and it’s hard to absorb what they are saying. I think there’s method in that madness. The pharmaceutical manufacturers don’t want people focusing on the negative aspects of the pills and potions they take and the lotions they put on their skin. That would impact the bottom line.

How did I get off on that??? The human mind goes off on many tangents.

100% Raw Food

29 ozzies OJ blended with enough Ataulfo mangos to make 45 ozzies luscious drink

A few chunks of so-so cantaloupe
A couple of good-sized pieces watermelon
5 bananas

The water from a young coconut (found out the meat was beyond eating)
2 1/2 quarts salad (romaine, red curly leaf, cucumber, tomato [all those ingredients organic], sweet onion, dressed with lime juice mixed with agave nectar, garlic powder, and sea salt)
1 quart salsa with half a really nice avocado

I had a terrible time getting dressed for church. The only time I wear some of my outfits is on the last Sabbath of each month. There are things I don’t feel comfortable wearing to play the organ. I had a dress all picked out and ready. I put it on and proceed to zip it up but it wouldn’t zip past a certain spot. I took it off and struggled with the zipper and finally got it zipped up. That didn’t help because I couldn’t put it on with the zipper closed. I unzipped it with more difficulty and put it back on. It got to that point again and no farther. I did the same thing all over again. Finally, after the third try, I gave up thinking if I got it on I might never get it off. I might have to live and die in that dress. Pity is, I really do like it. It’s a basic black dress that goes with about anything. I didn’t have anything else ready to wear so I had to iron a dress and a top. That put me very late getting to Sabbath School. I just got the dress and looked at the zipper. It won’t budge in either direction. I don’t know what on earth happened to it. I wore the dress the last Sabbath of July. It isn’t that it’s seeing too much action!

When I got well on my way down the mountain, it hit me I’d failed to put on a slip! The dress I wore is crinkly semi-sheer material. It has a wild print of different shades of red flowers on a black background and I could only hope it couldn’t be seen through. After I parked, I got out, bent over with my back to the sun, and tried to see if I could see my legs. I could see an outline but not any detail so I just tried to stay inside after that.

One of the over-90 members had the sermon today. He’s got a lot of knowledge in his head. His eyesight is so bad his granddaughter read the texts but he gave a good talk without the benefit of notes.

I’d taken a watermelon for my offering for the dinner and I was relieved it was cut and ready to go when I got to the Fellowship Hall. That was the only thing I took so I didn’t have to fight my way into the kitchen to prepare food.

One of the ladies was concerned there wouldn’t be enough to eat because there were so many visitors. She said she, her husband, and her mother could go home and leave the food for the others. I told her they could have my part, that I’d brought my own. We started talking about the way I eat and she was interested that I eat raw food. She said she’s ready for the next step and she feels that’s it. Just as I’ve thought, it’s a natural progression for someone who’s looking for better health and not keeping the status quo. I started to sit with her and her husband but she’d said she didn’t know how he’d fare on raw food so I let her fill him in on it herself. I overheard her telling him I eat raw but I didn’t hear any feedback from him.

I sat with the Book Critic, a lady I hadn’t met before, and a lady who is moving away. The last one had told me I’d been such a blessing to her. She wants to eat more raw, too, but she wants to be able to grow all she eats. That would be impossible for me since I eat so much fruit. She told the lady I’d seen but not gotten acquainted with that I eat raw food. That got us in to a discussion about enzymes. Or maybe a dissertation would be more like it. I contributed very little. The upshot of it was, we don’t need to eat raw food because the body produces all the enzymes we need. I did point out that though that is true, the body produces few of the vitamins it needs so we need to get them from raw food since cooking destroys most of them. That got them off on how deficient the soil is which makes the food deficient. To me, that’s another good argument for not cooking. Why take a food that already has too few vitamins and destroy what little is there? I didn’t say anything because a woman convinced against her will is of the same opinion still. I know I feel better now than I ever did when I was eating cooked food and that’s what matters. People don’t know what they are missing and they never will unless they give it a good try. Not just a couple of weeks or a 30 day challenge but at least six months. I don’t know how old the woman is who was doing most of the talking but, until I learned the teenager with her is her son (I thought he was her grandson) I would have guessed her to be at least my age or older. The only person I can change is me and I’ll just keep on keeping on. Maybe she is a late-in-life mother.

I was on my way out the door when I stopped to talk to one of the younger members. Her FIL is in the hospital and is terminal. She asked for prayer for the whole family, including herself (maybe it should be especially herself?). She works and then is home with the children while her husband works, sleeps a couple of hours, and then goes to the hospital to be with his father. It’s a stressful time. She needs all our prayers.

I’d made my salsa and was about to plow into it when my sister called from Colorado. I called her back and we talked for a little more than 45 minutes. She has been having a visitor in the form of a bear. The wildlife is having a hard time finding food to eat so it is invading people space. The world is changing quickly. Makes me think of The Day After Tomorrow. There is a trend toward Going Green but I can’t help but wonder if it’s too little too late. We know what’s coming when we read Revelation. I just didn’t expect it to be taking place in my lifetime.

Thunder and lightning played around the sky tonight and it rained a little bit. Weatherbug alerted me and a community close by had 3″ of rain and there were flash flood warnings out. I was hoping we’d get something measurable but I’m afraid we didn’t.

On that note, I’ll say good night and go to bed.

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