“Only” 104 today.

Would you believe I got to bed by 9:45 last night??? Isn’t that amazing! It was still pretty warm for sleeping. Temp when I turned off the light was just under 81. Outside. It was cooler than that inside but I had the a/c running. I turned it off about midnight.

I still didn’t get up when I needed to but I skipped BodyFlex, went straight to Lightning Speed Exercises, and my floor routine. My pushup was 65 seconds. Sad.

I went walking early in the day and met one of the ladies from church making her round. She uses hand weights and had really broken a sweat. I’ve thought about getting some but work isn’t the place to be sweating. We stopped a couple of times when we met and talked. She and her husband had a beautiful garden until the heat wiped it out. One of the women at the hospital asked me if it were organic since they had marigolds planted between the rows. She said it was, for all intents and purposes. The ground lay fallow for years. They didn’t use any kind of insecticide. I didn’t quiz her about fertilizer but I doubt they put chemicals on it. I had some of the corn and it was delicious. She said some of it had bugs but I figure if the bugs won’t eat it, I shouldn’t either.

My eating has been including too much salt so I decided I would remedy that today.

100% Raw Food

1 quart watermelon

1 quart watermelon

Another snack
4 sections tangerine one of the girls brought in (I hadn’t planned to deviate from the watermelon but it was still raw and no salt)

3 quarts watermelon

1 quart watermelon

3 quarts watermelon

I’m well satisfied and am in need of nothing else.

I ate my lunch outside. I actually took a 30 minute break and got out of the office. A couple of people came out to smoke. One of them stood well away from the table but the other one parked right across from me. I ordered him to swap places with me so the wind would be at my back and blow the smoke the other way. He obeyed. A good thing because I might have had to hurt him. I would have liked to know how hot it was. I was in the shade and eating the watermelon kept me cool.

My projects are completed. Annual Competencies are turned in and the other biggie was completed and faxed to many many faxes. I didn’t get the schedule done but people know when they are supposed to show up. I have one person who has requested vacation time on up in September so I need to get that squared away before it’s published, anyway.

On the way home, I stopped and got some more watermelon (I ate one and a half today) and bananas. The banana supply was getting low. Turns out the day has been changed for the truck to come in. It will be there tonight. I got enough to last me until Monday or beyond, depending on how many I use this weekend. I got a few things at the other store, too. It’s kind of nice there are only two supermarkets. I could spend a lot of time touring more than that.

What with all the melon, I had to stop at the church and go potty. I decided to go ahead and set up the organ while I was there. It was only when I left and was some distance away that I realized I don’t play tomorrow! And the person who does doesn’t use the same setup I do. Oh well, I’m sure she can change it.

On getting home, I stowed the melons in the fridge and came on to the house. Supper was easy and I finished long ago. I plan to take a watermelon for the dinner tomorrow. I thought about marinating some cucumbers but I decided against it. I’ve taken them to two dinners and that’s enough for now.

It isn’t 9:30 yet. Maybe I can get to bed earlier two nights in a row. Have a happy Sabbath and a wonderful good night!

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