The novelty is wearing off.

It was up to 106 in the valley again today. I was the bank/post office person both this morning and this afternoon (PO only in the pm) and when I turned into the parking lot, the bank sign up the street showed 104 degrees. I pulled out and looked at it in my rearview mirror just as it changed to 105. Weatherbug has the high as 106.

Before work, I got up and did my BodyFlex and LSEs.

100% Raw Food

18 ozzies grapefruit juice

Mid to late morning
30 ozzies banana/romaine smoothie (finished up about 11:45)

Maybe 1/2 cup salsa

30 ozzies banana/spinach smoothie

Almost 3 quarts very good watermelon
3 cups okay mango (not Ataulfo)
Fairly large cucumber, sliced, cherry tomatoes, 2 small yellow/reddish sweet peppers

Since I was taking the salsa to work, I stopped at the supermarket and got some junky corn chips for the girls to eat it with. At least they were organic blue corn but they were fried in what, I don’t know. I didn’t read the ingredients. I wasn’t eating them and they don’t care.

I went out and walked just before 9 and it was already getting hot. And They say Global Warming is a farce?

Just as I was getting ready to walk out the door to go to the bank/PO, in walked my former boss and one of the fellows from the Mother Ship. They waited while I ran my errands and came back. I was amazed to see them. They don’t make it out our way often but she knew I needed to be rescued. We talked about the latest project and she approved of what I was going to do. That was a relief because I wasn’t sure of it, myself. She’s being drafted by a national association to do some volunteer work and she let me know she might need my talents, too. Don’t know when I’d shoehorn it in but she has always been in my corner and I’d hate to say no. They have some ideas that will help us in the long run but they wouldn’t be in place for another couple of months. What I’m working on now will help tide us over. They left to go eat cooked food at one of the popular local restaurants. If they’d gone to a different one where I know the owner, I would have gone, too. She (the owner) has promised me a huge salad if I ever go there. I haven’t taken her up on it yet. I had too much to do, anyway.

With multiple interruptions, I got about halfway through the re-creation of a sheet that’s part of The Project. I drank my lunch? smoothie while I was typing.

My friend called from Mexico. She said her daughter was at the beach trying to get things set back up. I don’t know if Dean’s sideswiping them caused damage or if it was just unpacking.

One of my work friends came in to say she was on her way to computer shop for her son. He’s a freshman in college and she’s been agonizing over the purchase for weeks. I wished her luck. We’ve talked about it several times and I told her what to make sure it had.

I had to notarize a paper for another friend. Between everything and having to back up the person on the switchboard for awhile, it’s a wonder I got anything done.

I’d taken everything I had for supper to work for lunch except for the watermelon. One of the registrars told me I don’t need to lose any more weight. At this rate, I don’t see how I can keep from it. Guess I need to leave my desk no matter what and eat when I’m supposed to.

My friend called to let me know they’d settled on a computer, printer, cable, flash drive, and software they didn’t need. They also sprung for a guarantee that has accident coverage, too. That’s probably a good idea with a hearty young man at the helm.

It’s actually not even 9:30 yet. My having supper all but ready helped. I have greens I need to wash but I think I’ll go on to bed and do that in the morning.

Good night!

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