Thank you, thank you!

If you were praying for me and my situation it worked! If you weren’t, the ones who were praying helped! I still can’t get specific but I appreciate it, and I praise the Lord for His answer.

It was 11 before I finally made it to bed last night and I’m hoping to get there sooner tonight. I got up and did my vision therapy.

When it rains, it pours, but not literally. Wish it would. I discovered the commode in my bathroom has a cracked fitting next to the tank and it had wet the carpet. I have the water turned off to it and will have to operate on it soon.

100% Raw Food

20 ozzies grapefruit juice
34 ozzies banana/mango/spinach smoothie

Lunch (eaten late)
3 Roma tomatoes cut up with 7 large cherry tomatoes sliced in half plus a large cucumber, sliced, with purple basil cut up over the whole thing. It was so good and pretty, too!
Several wedges of watermelon one of the Lunch Bunch brought in

3 quarts delicious watermelon
Maybe half a cup of salsa
4 Ataulfo mangos
I lost count of how many cherry tomatoes

When I got to work, I did a few things then geared up for my walk. I had the beginnings of a headache (an extremely rare occurrence) but it was gone by the time I’d done three laps.

My CW had read the account of her adventure with the ripoff artist. I asked if it were pretty accurate and she said it was. I don’t know where things stand at the moment. She didn’t say if she’s contacted the media or not.

I spent a large part of the day trying to figure things out. That included lunch time. I didn’t get back to the office in time to fix my smoothie. That’s why I had what I had. I gave the person who brought the watermelon some of my purple basil, green basil, and dill. She was impressed with its smell, taste, and color. One of the nursing staff wanted to know where I got it. Maybe Nancy will get some more business. That would be good. She has other things like milk and butter that some of the people might want.

This afternoon, right before I left for the post office (that and the bank this morning, too), I had a call that landed a huge project in my lap so I need prayer again! This one is doable. It will just take time and getting people adjusted to change. My sister said things are interesting. I could do with some dull.

After I took the mail, I went back by the supermarket and got some watermelons. They are currently living in the other fridge, awaiting slaughter. I hope they are as good as the ones I’ve been having. The large seeded watermelon I got at Wal*Mart wasn’t ripe. I called and was told I could get a refund. I asked if I needed to bring the melon in. The girl wanted to know if I had cut into it. Well, duh! How would I have known it was green otherwise? Maybe I’m psychic? Since I had cut it in many pieces trying to find some good in it, she said they’d take my word for it.

I made well over a quart of salsa this evening. The jalapenos have been mild for the most part so I put a whole one in. Big mistake! Too spicy for me to eat it. The little I ate was what was left after I put it in a jar to take to work tomorrow. It was too late to make another batch. That’s how I ended up with mangos instead.

Another thing that went bust this evening was unique. It was the first time I ever saw a fluorescent light bulb burn out. It doesn’t just go ::poof!:: like a regular light bulb does. It dims and brightens lots of times, goes out completely and comes back on, and finally dies. It seems a little melodramatic, overdoing it. It’s been up there in the hallway for a long time. I’ve lived in this house for more than seven years and I’d replaced the regular bulb with that one not long after I moved in.

One of my friends from work called about picking out a computer for her son then my friend in Mexico called me back after I’d left voice mail wondering how they were faring with Dean romping around. He hit about an hour south of them. They are getting lots of welcome wind and rain. I told her to send some up here. We talked about half an hour.

I’m ready to stop this, feed Twinkle, and go to bed. Good night!

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