It was back up to 101 in the valley.

Seems it’s the same old story over and over. High temperatures, no rain. My weather clock keeps threatening with the little picture of clouds with rain coming out but do you think it’s prophetic? NO. It lies.

I was up in time to actually listen to all of the Sabbath School lesson discussion on PineKnoll. It was about Boaz and Ruth this week and extremely interesting.

There was an e-mail in my inbox from my sister. She was rejoicing that the rehab inmate had been sprung yesterday!

100% Raw Food

26 ozzies grapefruit juice
24 ozzies banana/mango/spinach smoothie (I drank it with a straw on the way to church)

3 quarts watermelon

2 tomatoes off the volunteer plant

2 quarts salad (romaine, German Pink tomato, the rest of the marinated cucumber and onions)
A little more than a quart of salsa with avocado

I was all alone as far as musicians were concerned. There was one person in the congregation who could have played the piano but she wasn’t feeling well. I’ve played by myself before and I did it again.

It’s been a quiet afternoon. I talked, briefly, to my friend in Mexico. Other than that, I’ve eaten and I wrote the piece prior to this post.

About my volunteer tomatoes. I picked the first one the other day and let it finish ripening in the house. It had a “place” on it where a critter had bitten it but it wasn’t fatal. The one I picked today was gorgeous. The flavor was excellent. The texture would have been better had we had rain, I’m sure, but it was warm from the sun and I hadn’t had a tomato straight out of the garden like that for years and years. I ate everything but the stem and I didn’t even wash it. I did take its picture first.

My tomato

I’m headed for bed. I hung the little fan in the window earlier so it could cool off the bedroom. Good night, all, and keep safe!

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