It was comparatively cool today. The high was 97.

That’s a far cry from 106. And happy birthday to Mother! Had she lived, today would have been her 103rd. My BIL is supposed to be sprung from rehab. His first time home since June 30. I haven’t heard anything yet, but I trust it’s happened.

I was up too late to exercise this a.m. It was hot last night and I didn’t sleep well, even with my little fan in the window.

100% Raw Food

6 quarts watermelon eaten throughout the day because I wanted to

The watermelon was all pretty decent, too. I ate one whole one and half of another.

It was earlier than usual when I got out to walk. I listened to the first 15 minutes, more or less, of the Raw Summit interview with Dr. D. It is, so far, a lot like the Path of Health one but it’s still interesting.

The post office person had left early this afternoon and someone brought over some mail that had to go out so I did it. That put me out a little early. After I took the mail, I went to the supermarket and got three more watermelons and some mangos. The melons are smallish but they’re good if they are anything like the whole one I ate today.

My friend called from Mexico this evening. We talked for almost an hour. I was going to get to this early and tell a rather involved happening I heard at work but it will have to wait until tomorrow. It’s going on 10 and I’m the orgaster tomorrow. That’s what my sister calls me when I’m designated. I’ve e-mailed the pastor for the hymns but nothing yet. Maybe we won’t sing?

Better shut this down for tonight. Stay tuned for something very interesting! Good night and happy Sabbath!

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