I couldn’t believe my eyes! It was up to 106 in the valley!

Plus, it was 99 up here on the mountain. I’m surprised more people aren’t succumbing to the heat. Maybe they are actually listening to the weather people and not going out and working in the sun.

I sleep so well with that little fan in the window! It doesn’t blow on me but it stirs the air around, bringing it in from the outside. It’s the most versatile fan I’ve ever seen. I don’t have any way to hang it up but it has a hook for it if I did.

There was a bit more time this morning for exercising. I did BodyFlex and the LSEs. I’ll forget how to hold a pushup if I’m not careful.

100% Raw Food

16 ozzies grapefruit juice
30 ozzies banana/romaine smoothie

30 ozzies banana/romaine smoothie
Cherry tomatoes and a sliced cucumber

3 ripe bananas
Cherry tomatoes
A sliced cucumber (the tomatoes and cucumbers were organic)

64 ozzies watermelonade
2 longan that fell off the bunch

Went out fairly early in the day and walked my laps. I thought it would take enough time to finish up the first installment of the Perfect Health Program but there’s still some to go. I just took a few minutes and put the Raw Summit interview on the Micro for tomorrow.

I GOT THE ANNUAL COMPETENCIES DONE! Now, all I have to do is check them over, circle the appropriate responses, and meet with each of the staff members. Then I can turn them in and it will be done for another year!

My boss told me I could leave at 2 today. I got away just a little bit later than that since I had a couple of things I had to do before I walked out the door. I forgot to clean up my blender container and glass so I called and asked one of the girls to put them in a plastic bag so they wouldn’t attract critters and I’ll take care of them tomorrow. I’d stopped by the house because I’d failed to get my other tote and the bags to take back to be recycled.

The shortcut to the highway takes me by the turnoff to the cemetery. It’s a very short distance off the road so I did a driveby. The right side of the gravel road has been cleared and mowed. There’s a sign up announcing grave lots for sale. Mother will be getting new neighbors.

I couldn’t make it all the way to the Asian market without stopping. This time, I visited Taco Bell and used the facilities.

The a/c must have been having problems at the market. It was hot in there. They had my mangos and said they were probably the last they’d be able to get in this season. The man came out and was questioning the ladies about my coconut. A woman had gone in this morning and said she was supposed to have a box of coconut, that she’d talked to the man about them and they were hers. The lady kept insisting they were for me but the woman finally convinced them. The man was very upset. I didn’t get steamed because the mangos had gone up and I was sort of relieved I didn’t have coconut to pay for, too. I got some longan instead and that was much cheaper. They kept apologizing and I reassured them over and over. The woman must’ve needed them worse than I did. I don’t know if she had actually talked to someone there or if she lied about it. Either way, she has them and I don’t.

From there, it was on to the organic market. The lettuces and spinach were gorgeous today! They had young coconut and I was prepared to buy one, thinking it was organic. It wasn’t and it was $1 more than I pay at the Asian market. I was asking a young man how much the young coconut was and he was looking at a cantaloupe and telling me it was $3.99. Guess he wasn’t acquainted with the coconut! Later, I was looking for Bragg EVOO. A nice young lady came and asked me if I’d found everything. I told her no. She looked, too, and didn’t find it. She is going to see if they can get it on a special order. It isn’t like I need it but if I’m going to use it occasionally, I prefer Bragg. She asked for my name and phone number. I wrote the numbers for home and work on the back of one of my cards and gave it to her.

Aldi was a little lacking on produce. I got grapefruit, lemons, and nectarines. The last time I was there, blueberries were 99 cents. They were $2.99 today.

The only food I got at Wally World was a watermelon, bananas at the Shop-Rite price, and limes. The limes rang up at 10 cents each. Had I known that when I picked them out, I would have gotten more. I got another little fan and this one is minus the car adapter. I’ll take it back and swap it but I’m using it in the meantime.

It was almost 8 when I got home. I was hoping to make it by 7 but there was no way. I got unloaded, stowed, and made my drink. It was very refreshing and I enjoyed the first three glasses a lot. By the time I finished the fourth, I was glad it was gone.

The temp outside is 78. I hope it cools off more than that tonight. I’m going to bed at any rate. Good night!

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