It’s been a pleasant Sabbath.

My fan started making a funny noise last night so I guess I’ll take it back for a refund. I had to turn it off but that’s okay. I’ve lived without it for all these years and I’ll be able to get something better, probably, and, probably, for less somewhere else. I bought it locally at a privately owned hardware store since I wanted to give them my business but I don’t like to spend my money on something that won’t last. DID YOU KNOW THAT??

I luxuriated in bed until almost 8. It was nice not to have to get up and june around.

100% Raw Food

24 ozzies grapefruit juice

Probably 2 quarts watermelon
One small piece so-so cantaloupe.

48 ozzies peach/mango/fresh squeezed OJ blend (the last 5 peaches, 3 Ataulfo mangos, 6 juice oranges)

3 quarts salad of romaine, red leaf, green leaf, German Pink tomatoes (all of the preceding organic), marinated cucumbers and Vidalia onion left over from the Fellowship meal

The church was the most comfortable, temperature-wise, than I’ve ever experienced it. The men operate the a/c and it is usually cold enough to hang meat in the sanctuary if that isn’t being sacreligious. One of the units had gone out and they turned the ceiling fans on high. The elder announced that it would be cooler on one side of the church than the other and people would probably want to move to that side. Well, this people didn’t and not everyone could had they wanted to. There were very few empty seats to be had anywhere. My usual place is on the end of the second row and I sat on the front row today.

The pastor was in fine form. He was talking about the parting of the Red Sea being as much of a miracle as if God had ordered the Israelites off a cliff to walk on thin air. Presented quite a mental picture.

With such a large crowd, it was pretty much packed in the Fellowship Hall, too. I managed to get my offerings on the table without too much trouble. Everything was fixed except I had to cut celery sticks and put the “Devilled Egg” dip in a bowl. A nice man had cut the watermelon and had it on a tray. He was afraid he’d done something he shouldn’t but I assured him I was glad he’d taken care of it because I had dreaded cutting it with one of the sorry knives they have in the kitchen. The paring knives are fine but the larger ones are all dull. Plus I like a serrated knife for watermelon.

Last dinner, I’d been surrounded by a group of people who were talking about how much better they are eating, the bad foods/drinks they had given up, etc., etc. Today, I sat with people who were all younger than I am but they seem to have no interest in doing anything other than staying with the status quo. It was a litany of aches, pains, past and impending surgeries, radiation, oxygen, you name it, they have had it. Or will in the near future. It is so sad that we, as a church, have such a wealth of information to keep us some of the healthiest people on the planet but it sounded like anyone and everyone else who eat SAD.

A young woman sitting next to me asked why I was eating just watermelon. I told her it was because I didn’t eat food like she had on her plate. She prodded me for more and I said I eat only raw food. Macrobiotic? No, 80/10/10 raw vegan. Macrobiotic then. No. No grains except for sweet corn. She looked at me rather skeptically. I told her I’ve been eating this way for over two years. Turns out she has cancer, has had radiation treatments, once weighed 380 pounds, and is down to 240 after gastric bypass two years ago. She doesn’t work. I don’t know what her activity level is. That contrasts with Valerie who has lost 116 pounds since the first of March and is in the process of painting the inside of the house. At her heaviest, she was 528 pounds and, as of last Wednesday, she was down to 412. She still has a long way to go but she’s already lost a person in five months.

The mother of the young woman asked me if my grocery bill is higher than it was when I ate SAD (she didn’t refer to it as that). I told her it probably is but it balances out because I only take one medication now, I don’t visit the doctor except to get a prescription for a refill, and I stay out of the hospital (except to work). Since she and her husband both have health problems, she seemed to understand. And I can add here, I feel enough better that it makes it worth it.

On my way out, I stopped and got a couple of tomatoes from a basket brought to share. I’m going to miss all this fresh produce! One of the men brought out a couple of green peppers and a cucumber to donate to my tote.

Since all I’d had to that point was grapefruit juice, watermelon, cantaloupe, and I licked the spoon and spatula from the “egg”, I plowed in when I got home. That’s pretty much The Rest of the Story.

Good night!

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