A bit of moderation in the heat today. “Only” 98 for the high.

I had the a/c running most of the night last night and I didn’t sleep very well. I’d gone to bed by 11 but it was well past 12 before I nodded off. The fan was blowing on me at the lowest setting. I finally got up and turned it so it would be blowing on the wall. It still circulated the air and that’s what I wanted.

I managed a 113 second pushup after doing most of my routine up to that point. Not my best time but still one minute 53 seconds. Nothing to sneeze at. Might make it to two minutes one of these days soon.

100% Raw Food

24 ozzies grapefruit juice
30 ozzies banana/blueberry/romaine/red leaf smoothie

2 large bananas and 2 Kent mangos chunked up in a bowl

Lots of organic cherry and commercial grape tomatoes
1 organic cucumber

Less than a quart of sorry watermelon
1 quart salsa with okra and corn (it was so dense I couldn’t finish the last few bites)

It was insane at the hospital today. Really crazy in every sense of the word. I’d hope we don’t have another day like it if that would do any good. There is definitely never a dull moment.

I made a housecall this afternoon to help the older couple with their bills. A home health nurse was there finishing up the wife’s shower. I don’t know how often they have that service but I’m glad he’s getting some help. Someone was supposed to go talk to them about Meals on Wheels, too. I failed to ask him about what had transpired. They are vegetarian which would be a challenge for the MOW people.

There were a couple of bills to mail so I went by the post office. I had a check written for my house payment plus one for some cash (my salary goes to the bank via direct deposit) so I swung by the bank, too. The teller (what do they tell?) was counting out the money in the amount of my house payment. I thought maybe she was going to have to transfer it (though I don’t know why) somewhere else so I didn’t say anything until she’d stuck it in an envelope to give me. She was a little embarrassed, I think. I’m sure it was a crazy Friday there, too.

When I got back to the hospital, I had quite a bit to do before I could leave. I wasn’t there too much over but with it being Friday, it would have been nice to get out on time.

I stopped at the supermarket on the way out of town and saw an old friend. She is aware of the way I eat and was saying that I’m “down to nothing”. She wanted to know if I’m still losing. I told her no, that I have, in fact, gained some back. She knew my mother well. I let her know I have one regret. Mother didn’t live to see me slim again. It distressed her no end for me to be obese.

After I’d gotten home and stowed all of my purchases, I got my Micro and recorded the cicadas that were holding forth in a loud chorus. I do hope there is some way I can transfer them and the katydids to my computer so I can share the noise.

The supermarket had a lot of “10 for $10” items. I got three mangos and a couple of burpless cucumbers on that sale. I have one cuke cut up with a Vidalia onion (one of the milder onions I’ve had this summer) and marinating in the fridge for the meal tomorrow. I was going to fix some mushrooms, too, to keep here at home but it got too late too quickly and I stuck them in the fridge for the time being.

The clock just struck 10. I’m hitting the hay as soon as possible. Good night and happy Sabbath!

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