Talk about hot! Today hit 101 degrees!

That was in the valley where I spend most of my time. Here at home, I have no idea how hot it got. The thermometer says the maximum was 94.6 but it’s in the sun part of the time.

This morning was vision therapy. I didn’t have any problem seeing what I was looking at.

100% Raw Food

21 ozzies grapefruit juice
32 ozzies really good banana/blueberry/spinach smoothie

3 bananas, 3 Ataulfo mangos, 8 ozzies blueberries in a bowl

2 organic cucumbers, lots of organic cherry tomatoes, lots of commercial grape tomatoes

3 quarts seedy watermelon (good flavor but so many seeds it was ridiculous)
1 ear organic sweet corn (super yummy!)

I took my walk early. After I’d recorded the katydids last night, I had to find my place again but I finally did. I had adjusted the sensitivity of the Micro so it makes it easier to operate.

One of the employees had eaten jackfruit before so I asked her to try what I had and tell me if it’s ripe. She did and pronounced it a tad on the green side but it’s the way she likes it. I’ll have to eat some when I have time (the watermelon took so long to eat I didn’t have time to eat more than the corn this evening).

I was finishing up my fruit salad and people started quizzing me about when I’m going to eat “normal” food. I said I eat NORMAL food. They are the ones who eat ABnormal food. I told them I have no desire to eat cooked. It no longer appeals to me at all. One person said she didn’t see how I can eat that boring food. I’m not bored. If I get bored, I just eat a different kind of raw food. No problemo. God has made many many kinds of fruit and veggies. She said she likes to eat steak. Well, I’ve never eaten steak so that has no effect on me. She said, “Oh! You’d love it!” I guess my face registered the shock I felt because she immediately hushed. I can’t imagine eating a dead cow body. That is so foreign to me it would be like her eating cat or monkey or maybe dog. In more than 63 years, I haven’t eaten steak and I would have to be starving to try it. I don’t know that I could bring myself to do it then. The only way I’ll ever know is for it to happen and I pray it never does.

It blows my mind how much Stuff people put on their food. One of the women used six little tubs of “butter” on her baked potato and wonders why she’s overweight. Another one was looking for mayo in the fridge and her backside presented a sizable target. Mine used to be as big but it isn’t now. She is the Steak Eater. They have no idea that everything they put in their mouths has an impact on all the parts of their bodies. One woman was surprised I believe what I eat can make my female parts either healthy or un. I guess the digestive system is just one big chute going through the body and nothing touches anything anywhere else. Yeah, right. When my stepfather was living, one of his neighbors said that it doesn’t matter what you eat. Guess a lot of people think that. And they reap the consequences.

On the way home, I stopped at the store to get some cilantro and there was one lone bunch. A woman was looking at the parsley saying, “That cilantro looks wilted.” I told her it was parsley but she’d pat it and call it cilantro. I let her think she was right and went and checked out. A woman convinced against her will is of the same opinion still.

I went shopping in the other fridge and got some mangos, the watermelon, and greens. I have the last items washed and in the fridge for tomorrow. I really do need to get my green consumption back up where it should be. There was some corn in there that I got out and took to my neighbor. I couldn’t rouse him (I knew he was okay because he’d been outside a little while before) so I opened the storm door and hung the bag on the doorknob.

It’s past 10 and I’m going to bed shortly. I still haven’t figured out transferring the recording to the computer. Any suggestions?

Good night!

2 Responses to Talk about hot! Today hit 101 degrees!

  1. Allison August 26, 2007 at 12:30 am #

    Just wanted to say that eating raw is obviously treating you well- you are GORGEOUS (I saw your photo on the Raw Food Lifestyle blog) and the picture of health. Very inspiring.

  2. Tommie August 26, 2007 at 4:23 pm #

    Thanks, Allison. I appreciate your compliment but real life doesn’t quite measure up to gorgeous. I have Before and Durings on my Rogue’s Gallery page at but beware! It will take quite awhile to display everything on dialup.

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