I won’t spend a lot of time on this.

Not a terrible lot to report, anyway.

I woke at not much before 9. Got up and exercised, including a 106 second pushup. One of the fellows on the forum thought I was doing 100+ pushups. No. I haven’t progressed that far yet. I’m a wimpy 63 year old woman. I used to lift weights when I had access to them but that was back in my teens. A lot of water under the bridge/over the dam since then.

100% Raw Food

I didn’t really have meals today. I don’t do well eating at home. That will have to change. I’ll just list my food and approximate quantities.

27 ozzies grapefruit juice
40 ozzies OJ/peach blend
A young coconut (none went in the freezer)
Marinated cucumbers and onions (the onions are still hot and I got too much salt in the mix)
Almost 3 quarts watermelon (better flavor but the texture is lacking)
Marinated mushrooms
1 quart salsa (my cilantro was too far gone to use so I substituted basil—not bad)
Small amount of cashews—the avocado I had in the fridge was the same as the cilantro

That was it for my eating. I had planned on a green smoothie but never got a round tuit.

When I looked outside this morning, there was the handrail in place as promised. I took pictures and have one printed off and in the car so I won’t forget to take it in. The handrail isn’t a thing of beauty but it might be a joy forever if it does, indeed, save me money. It’s definitely in the way. I either have to dodge it or run into it. I was going to take the picture over and show it to my neighbor but I don’t think she’s home. My sister wanted to know if she’s just handy or if she does it as a profession. The latter is the right answer. She works in construction and travels quite a bit to do remodeling, etc.

Even though it was getting on toward 10:30, I got out in the sun for half an hour. It was nice. I’d had a shower after I exercised and washed off with Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap of the almond variety. The critters weren’t interested in me at all.

My daughter and I had our weekly visit. Their garden is producing lots of tomatoes. She is longing for their own place where they can have a real garden instead of containers on a rooftop.

I did three loads of linens/clothes. My sister asked me if I hang them because I prefer to. I told her my dryer went belly up for the third time. The first time I got a repairman out here, it cost me over $150. The repair was under warranty when it went down the second time so that was a freebie. The third time, someone local repaired it and has advised me to get in touch with Sears and see if they will declare it a lemon and do something about it. I haven’t had time to do that. Guess I should. I told my sister I do like what hanging the clothes on the line does for my electric bill. That and not running the a/c made it come in at $44 last month. That doesn’t count water and the other fridge. If you count the OF, it adds another $13. Still, $57 isn’t bad.

WeatherBug predicted a 20% chance of storms and it 20%ed for a little while. Came down pretty briskly but it’s stopped. I’ll have to check the rain gauge in the morning. I’m not going out there tonight.

The forum is getting an influx of under 13 year old members. They have to have permission from a parent to join and I haven’t heard anything from anyone. I’m going to delete their memberships after 10 days of no response.

It’s time for me to hang this up and crawl in between sun-dried sheets. Good night!

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