It actually was Sabbath today. And I broke raw.

I woke at 7:30 and stayed in bed for another 15 minutes because I could.

100% Raw Food

52 ozzies OJ/peach blend

3 quarts watermelon
36 ozzies banana/mango/spinach smoothie

Marinated cucumber and onion
Too much salad of romaine/red leaf with cucumber and three different kinds of tomato dressed with cashew dressing. I hated to throw any away but I couldn’t get the last cup or so down.

Cooked food
1 3/4 inch square communion bread
Thimbleful processed grape juice

I had talked to my neighbor yesterday afternoon about my homeowner’s insurance situation. If I can get some handrails to go with my front steps, I’m in good shape to get a significantly better rate. She’s going to take care of it tomorrow. I’ll take the pictures, print them off, and deliver them Monday with my first premium.

It was comfortable in the church for a change. It’s usually whizzin’ cold in there but the outside heat probably moderated it some. One of the 127 yard salers came to join us for the services. She and I served each other in the foot-washing portion of Communion. She’s 73 and is selling to make enough money to pay her car insurance. I can relate. Mine came due last month. She’s there with relatives and slept on a bench in front of a flower shop last night. I asked her what she did for facilities and she’s been using the ones in the offices where she’s renting a space beside the parking lot. That’s during the day. She said at 2:30 this morning she went out in her car looking for a place that was open. There was nothing until she saw the hospital sign. Security came out to check and she asked if she could use the restroom. She said the man was very nice, took her in, and I assume he walked her back to her car. I’d have to have a porta-potty or something available. Some of the other members took her home with them for lunch. I didn’t have anything prepared for a guest, plus I doubt she would have wanted to eat all raw food. She was talking about having stuff for veggie burgers and VejaLinks.

I haven’t been able to find a mild sweet onion lately. I had tried three, two of them organic. They were all hotter than the hinges. I knew cooking will calm them down so I took them to my neighbor. He likes them hot, anyway, so he was glad to get them.

I’m going to get to bed very soon. I got a good 8.5 hours sleep last night. Good night!

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