Today has been not a typical Sunday for me.

LOTE is what my niece would say. Life on the edge. Of what, I don’t know.

I got to bed late last night (surprise!) and was up just about eight hours later. I was exercising when my daughter called. I asked her if I could call her back when I got through and she said yes. I got back to sweating and the phone rang again. That time, it was one of the ladies from the church asking my advice about finding something for her step-father to do to occupy his time. Wish I had some of that problem! I have more to occupy my time than I need! I gave her some pointers and got back to sweating again. That time, I was able to finish up. I managed only a 90 second pushup plus I did all of my other routines.

By that time, the sun was getting up in the sky so I put on my sunning togs and went outside with a towel, the timer, my house keys, the neck pillow, and the phone. When I got everything set up, I called my daughter and let her know it was time to call me back. She did as I asked and we had a good visit for an hour and a half. I stayed in the sun for the first two thirty minutes of that. Seems they had been without phone service for three days in the last couple weeks. The company they were with shut down and is, seemingly, in the process of going bankrupt. Hopefully, the one they are with now will be more stable.

100% Raw Food

48 ozzies OJ/peach blend

A dozen, more or less, cherry tomatoes

3 bananas
8 more cherry tomatoes

Blackberries eaten off the bush
The rest of the longan

Almost three quarts organic watermelon (better than the first but lots of seeds)
Kim chee
Marinated mushrooms
Almost three quarts salad (all the greens, tomatoes, and onion were organic–the cucumber wasn’t) dressed with cashew dressing

As anyone can see, today was not an adequate food day. A lot of it was spent on the road and shopping for stuff I didn’t have time to eat.

After my breakfast and devotions, I took my shower, got dressed, and decided I’d better call the Asian market to make sure everything was as planned. I called and got their answering machine. I left a message and waited. No one called so I called again. Still the answering machine. I left another message. I waited. I tried it again and this time and several times after, I got a busy signal. I thought they might be trying to call me back so I hung up and waited. The phone rang and I thought it was someone from there but it was an old acquaintance who just wanted to chat and catch up a bit. We talked for a little while and I let him know I was out the door soon to go meet a jackfruit. Then I had to explain what a jackfruit is. Not knowing a whole lot about it, myself, made it difficult. He said he’d let me get on down the road and we hung up. I tried the Asian market again and this time, I got an answer. Seems the owner wasn’t in today but I was still supposed to go see the fruit. I said it would take me just about an hour to get there.

The way I chose to go took me by the cemetery. I need to get more greenery and spruce up the arrangement a bit. I had intended to buy it this afternoon and forgot.

When I got to the store, there was the jackfruit in a box, all green and spiny. It didn’t have any odor and it’s supposed to when it’s ripe. The lady told me it wasn’t ripe yet and she had three other people who want part of it so it will be divided four ways. That is a relief. One of the people is from Thailand and insisted it was ripe and she wanted it cut as soon as she saw it. The Asian market lady says it has to ripen before it’s cut because it won’t after. A Vietnamese couple came in and they were all talking to each other in a language I couldn’t understand but the AM lady explained to me that the man was saying it was ripe. He knocked on it like it was a watermelon and it had a hollow sound. It still didn’t get slaughtered today.

I took pictures of the young man holding the jackfruit and the lady holding some longan, but I won’t take time to post them tonight. I’ll start a jackfruit page tomorrow, I hope, and add to it when I go down for the killing.

The lady showed me a booklet about Thai fruit and everything looked luscious! I would give a whole lot to be able to go over there and spend about a year so I could enjoy all the fruit the land produces. Talk about a raw foodist’s paradise! I asked about mangosteen and she said she can’t even get the frozen right now. Maybe she can later. I can hope.

It was on to the organic grocery where I bought lots of greens. I’d forgotten to take my totes to put them in. I was getting a little hungry by the time I left so I ate my bananas on the way to Aldi. Aldi had blueberries for 99 cents an 8 ozzie carton so I got six. When I have time, I’ll freeze them. Not enough for the winter but better than nothing. Next was Wally World where I bought bananas for 39 cents a lub which was Piggly Wiggly’s price. I have no idea where a PW is around here but their circular was posted and I asked at the checkout. The other day, I got bananas at the PW price and a pineapple at the Shop-Rite price. I still have to cut it and I need to do that before it goes bad. Too much food!

I got home and took pictures of the house. My agent is going to try to get me a better deal on homeowner’s insurance. The Neighbor Cat is in them. Since he lives under the house, he’s more or less a member of the family.

The clock my BIL built me was chiming 6 when I walked in the door. Everything is in and most of it is put away. I was eating my salad ‘way too late but I needed FOOD! It would have been better for me to not have had nuts at that hour but I did it and I’m not going to purge.

It took awhile to wash greens including some spinach that wasn’t the best I’ve ever bought. It’s bunch spinach which I prefer but there was a lot of waste. I hated to throw so much away but I don’t eat bad food if I can help it. I took it out and put it in the other fridge because the one in the house is so full, it threatens to avalanche on me whenever I open the door. I need to clean it out and organize but not tonight!

I’d clocked today’s trip and it was a total of 83 miles. I went one way and came back another so there’s no way I can calculate true distances.

Well, folks, that has been my day. No laundry and I really needed to wash clothes. That will be tomorrow afternoon’s project. If I’d had time, I would have put it on the line before I left but I thought it might rain. It didn’t.

Going on 11 o’clock, I will say good night!

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