It rained a nice gentle rain almost all night last night.

I woke a couple of times and lay there listening and thinking how wonderful it was. I dreamed I was eating some kind of bread like banana bread or something and I was justifying it by the fact I’d baked it when I was eating cooked. That would mean it was over two years old. Yuck.

I was up later than usual and weighed 122.2. At least I’m not going up and up and up. By The Formula, I’m still overweight.

100% Raw Food

48 ozzies OJ/peach blend

1.5 quarts Sugar Baby watermelon (my first organic melon that I know of) (lots of seeds made it hard to eat gracefully in public and the flavor didn’t blow me away)
Marinated cucumber & onion mixed with a couple of small tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes
3 Ataulfo mangos
Marinated mushrooms
3 cups salsa
2 quarts salad of romaine, red leaf, tomato, the rest of the cucumbers & onion from lunch

I’d forgotten I didn’t have to play the organ today and juned around to get there on time. It was nice to be part of the congregation and sing for a change. The sermon was good and the pastor illustrated some points with pieces of fruit. I told him I appreciated his bringing lunch.

On the way out, I was walking beside one of the deacons. He’s a very tall man and he looked down at me, surprised, and said, “You’ve lost quite a bit of weight!” I said yes, that I had weighed close to 190 lubs and was 122 this morning. He told me he didn’t think I needed to lose any more.

My lunch watermelon was in a container plainly labeled “Tommie Sue’s Lunch” in black magic marker. When I went to get it out of the fridge in the Fellowship Hall kitchen, only the lid was there. It had been put out on the table with the rest of the food! I don’t know if it had been gotten into or not but I rescued it. I’d taken the half seedless watermelon to share so I didn’t feel I was being selfish. Plus, I had all the marinated cucumbers, etc., for the general public.

Whenever I stay for a meal, someone invariably comes over and starts talking about their health problems, what they are eating, etc. Today, it started out with carbonated drinks and I mentioned that I’d heard Dr. D. talk about that very thing on the Perfect Health Program. Someone else said he naturally heads to the frozen food section instead of the produce because it’s much more convenient. Yeah, it’s hard to peel a banana. Banana There was a discussion of oats and how satisfying they are. Of course. It takes a long time to digest oats and they’ll sit in your stomach for hours. I told them to look at the nutrition aspect, too. There isn’t much there. Empty or near-empty calories.

I took my leave, stopping by the buckets of tomatoes one of the members had brought. There were some baseball bat sized cucumbers, too. I got some tomatoes for me and some for my neighbor which I took over when I got home.

While I was talking to my neighbor, it started to rain. I went and checked the gauge and it was 1.2″ from last night. The way the sky looked, it was going to really come a downpour so I came on inside. It sprinkled a tad and didn’t even wet the steps completely. Talk about faking me out!

After I’d eaten some, I went out and lay in the sun for half an hour. I listened to the lawn mower across the street and then to the critters and birds when it stopped.

My friend called from Mexico and said the mango tree is still bearing a few and she thinks of me when she eats them. She’s getting a little homesick but, if she were here, she’d want to be in Mexico.

I need to get to bed. Tomorrow is Jackfruit Day. I missed my daughter’s visit last week. Maybe we can talk in the morning before I go. I’d hate to miss two weeks in a row.

Good night and sleep tight and dream dreams of raw food!

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