There was nothing in the rain gauge this evening.

It was 11:50 when I turned my light off last night and I refuse to go to bed that late tonight. I didn’t wake until 6:33 and then I was WIDE awake! I didn’t have time to exercise but I did do a 105 second pushup. I had to look back to see what I’d done before and that’s my personal best.

100% Raw Food

22 ozzies grapefruit juice
2 bananas and three Ataulfo mangos cut up in a bowl

36 ozzies watermelonade
2 tomatoes and 2 cucumbers cut up in a bowl

No telling how many organic cherry tomatoes (at least 14 but I lost count)
Fred’s Mom’s Salad

I had taken spinach and blueberries so I could repeat the good smoothie I had earlier this week (was that yesterday?) but I never got a round tuit. I opened the container of spinach a few minutes ago and being out of the fridge has not been kind to it. I hate to throw it away but I’d hate worse to eat it and get sick.

As you can see, I didn’t do too well in the greens department today. Sum total was the cilantro in the salad. I’m going to have to do better tomorrow.

On the way to work, I stopped at the supermarket and got some ripe bananas. They’d been marked down to 10 cents a lub. This was a different one than where I usually get them.

I was the post office/bank person today and that kind of threw things off kilter. Besides not eating enough food, I didn’t get to walk, either. I’d left my Micro here so I wouldn’t have been able to listen to anything but the sound of cars and trucks. I thought of it as soon as I locked the door but I needed to get on down the road.

I’d helped a friend with getting set up with Internet access and she sent me some garden truck by her husband. I do love summertime!

Nancy had failed to bring me any cherry tomatoes yesterday so I called and reminded her. She was coming to town, anyway, and brought them this afternoon. Those are the ones I pigged out on for supper. I was busy putting things away (I put most of the mangos in the other fridge) and I’d grab some as I went by.

Today, I started calling around, trying to find someone who would be willing to go in on the jackfruit with me. I didn’t get to talk to anyone, I just got voice mail. Then I called the market and asked if they knew of anyone who would be willing to buy part of it. Turns out there’s lots of interest so I won’t be stuck with the whole thing. Whew! Stay tuned and I’ll let you know how I like it. I plan to take my camera and take a picture of it before it gets slaughtered.

I was walking down the hall in the nursing home and one of the aides asked me how much weight I plan to lose. I told her I’ve gained some, that I weighed 124 this morning. She dryly said something like, “Oh, wow. 124.”

I’ve had a special project going. The other facilities use a professional survey service to gauge patient satisfaction. We’ve always been expected to do our own because our volume is lower. The combined survey that was being done has been discontinued and each department is supposed to do individual ones. It doesn’t have to follow any certain format. We just have to have one to fulfill the requirement. I created a three question one that is sized to fit four on a page. I printed them off on my printer and took them to a friend’s office where there’s a paper cutter. It’s a monster of a thing. It’s probably been there as long as the hospital has. She got it out for me and cautioned me not to hurt myself. She’s a jumpy sort of person so I couldn’t resist having a little fun when I got through with it. She was in another room and we were the only two in the area. I managed to get it back on the shelf where it lives and then gave a small shriek. She came boiling out, wide-eyed, thinking I was bleeding or something (which is what I intended). I laughed at her and told her I’d cried “wolf”. There was a binding machine that sits on top of the cutter and when I put it back, the lever popped loose and whacked me in the head. Served me right. It didn’t hurt much but it hurt.

I made my post office run and when I got the outgoing mail to the drop box, someone had stuck a package in the slot and the mail had piled up behind it. I got out of the car and worked at it until everything dropped. I had to go back to the hospital, anyway, so it just slowed me down not on my own time. I didn’t get away early today. I didn’t stop by the church but headed straight home.

Tomorrow has got to be Green Day. I got four different kinds of lettuce out of the fridge on the way in. Guess it’s nice that I’m going to be in the vicinity of the organic market Sunday so I can stock up again.

It was 9:30 before I got through Fixing Stuff. Far as I know, there’s supposed to be a Fellowship Meal. I’ve fixed some cucumbers and onion to take and I’ve discovered I don’t love EVOO like I used to. That’s a nice turn of events. I still like it but when I’d do my gallbladder cleanses, I didn’t mind drinking the lemon juice/olive oil mixtures at all. I sure couldn’t do that now.

And now a Few Thoughts. There’s the conventional wisdom that, to lose weight, one needs to cut back on what he/she eats. Not so! One needs to increase consumption but CHANGE the foods one is eating. Dr. D. has coined a term “caloronutrients”. We need calories but we need calories that pack a nutritional punch and not those that are empty or near-empty. Look at a label and see how little nutrition is really in a bottle, box, can, or bag in relation to the number of calories. It’s surprising and a real eye-opener. If something has 100% of the RDA of any vitamin or mineral, you can bet your buttons that it’s been “enriched”. And those vitamins and minerals don’t nourish the body like the ones naturally occurring in fresh, ripe, raw foods.

I was listening to the radio today and there was a piece about the cans of botulism sitting on store shelves. Seems there are millions of them out there and, seemingly, no way to recall them all. People are still buying the products. So far, only four people are known to have been sickened by eating them but who knows? Nothing is safe. I’ll take my chances with raw food any day over what’s been some large company’s science project, though.

It’s getting late and I need to call it a night. Happy Sabbath! And Katy Did.

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