It sounded like it was sprinkling when I got up this morning. I looked out and the steps were wet but it wasn’t actively raining.

I did my vision therapy. My left eye was very blurry at first but it cleared up and I was able to see well.

100% Raw Food

40 ozzies OJ/peach blend
32 ozzies banana/mango/spinach smoothie

4 tomatoes with Tajin
1/2 organic cucumber

The rest of the salsa (it was about licked up in spite of it not being as good as I would have liked)

1 young coconut
Kim chee
3 quarts salad (really good/sweet/tender organic greens—romaine, red leaf, green curly leaf—three organic tomatoes—red, yellow, purple Cherokee—organic cucumber, Texas sweet onion, dressed with lime juice, EVOO, agave nectar, onion powder, garlic powder, sea salt)

There were a few minutes of quiet after the morning rush at work and I took the opportunity to drop a bombshell. I have one person out on vacation and another one turned in a request yesterday for time off because of a family crisis. I had been aware of it for some time but I didn’t say anything to anyone else until I knew for sure it was a reality. My staff is super. They all stepped up to the plate and, within a half hour, all the shifts were covered. I get e-mails from the other areas desperate for coverage, begging for staff, but all I have to do is tell my girls there is a need and they are ready to help any way they can.

I went out for three laps, finished the detox segment and started on the supplement and superfood one. For anyone who doesn’t know, I’m listening to the Perfect Health Program.

I’d gone to town to get some tomatoes for my lunch (I had stuff for a green smoothie but I wanted tomatoes) and it was starting to sprinkle. After I got back inside, the lightning and thunder started getting closer. It began to rain and rain and rained some more. It opened up and poured. Usually, it will rain for a few minutes and move on but it stayed around for several hours. I hoped and prayed that it was raining here.

When I got ready to leave, I actually had to use my umbrella! I stopped at the supermarket and got some bananas and a watermelon and it was neat to have to juggle everything for a change.

It was still raining when I got home. I pulled up to the house and I could hardly believe my eyes. The front of the house had been de-gunked! My neighbor had been promising for a long time to pressure wash it and got it done today. Here, I’ve gotten all this STUFF to take care of it and it wasn’t necessary! Wonder if it would help for me to list all the other stuff I need done around here? All I know is, I am so grateful to have that taken care of. The north end of the house is still gunky but I can surely do that on Sunday.

I walked around—with my umbrella—and admired the house, then went over to the rain gauge and, again, I wasn’t believing my eyes. I’d been careful to put the gauge in an open spot where nothing would be dripping into it or blocking it, either, and it had almost 3″ in it! I was out there later when the rain had stopped and it was all the way up to 3″!

When I was eating my salad, my neighbor called and asked me to check on her husband. He came to the door as soon as I knocked. She had been trying to call him for hours. Turns out he had been trying to call her, too, but couldn’t get a signal on his cell phone. It could be the lightning had knocked out a repeater. That’s one reason (among many) why I, along with Oprah, don’t have a cell phone. There are so many dead spots on this mountain, a cell phone is more of a decoration than a practical, useful item. They talked for a few minutes and both were reassured. I let my thankfulness for the housecleaning be known.

It’s not quite 10. I want to get to bed ASAP so I’ll close this and do just that. Good night!

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