It’s been a busy busy day.

I just remembered I have a load of clothes in the washer. Back in a sec!

Did you miss me? It took more than a second. I had to hang everything up and make sure I had enough space. It saves on electricity not to have the dryer but it’s still a pain.

I was in bed ‘way before this last night. I’d planned on 10 and it was 10:10 when I turned out the light. Didn’t miss it by much. I was up before 8 this morning but got involved in hunting links for my sister concerning early discharges, etc., and was late starting on my exercises. I did ’em all, though, including–drum roll, please–a 98 second pushup! I beat yesterday’s time!

100% Raw Food

28 ozzies OJ (so delicious!)
3 quarts watermelon

Kim chee
34 ozzies banana/red/green/romaine smoothie

Marinated mushrooms
3 quarts salad (conventionally grown red leaf and romaine lettuces, homegrown cucumber, Texas sweet onion, huge organic German Pink tomato, dressed with blueberry dressing)
1 quart salsa with Tajin and avocado

I had my weekly visit with my daughter, my friend called from Mexico (she admitted to another senior moment with the computer yesterday), and I talked to my sister later on about my BIL’s hospitalization. Several of my plans got put on hold but that’s okay. Only thing that I wished had been different was that my salsa didn’t get eaten sooner. It was after 9 when I finished.

I’ve been recording “The Next Food Network Star” and watching it later. Since it was getting to the final two tonight, I wanted to watch it while it was on. That’s one reason I’m still up and it’s almost 11. Not a good reason but the reason. There were a couple of surprises tonight and I’ve already voted for my choice.

Besides the load of clothes I just got out, I washed another load and hung them in the house. I was planning to hang them outside but it clouded up and rained a little. Oh, I didn’t get around quickly enough this morning to get out in the sun, either. Next Sunday, I’ll be meeting my sister, et al, for the play. That means getting to bed early the night before plus rolling out of bed and doing everything in double time so I can get there when I’m supposed to.

That’s about all there is to report. I’ve updated on the forum and it’s currently at 206 members.

I’m going to check in one more time and then take myself to bed. Good night!

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