It’s been a quiet and refreshing Sabbath.

There’s still most of an hour to go before sundown but I’m getting to bed tonight and I’m planning to do it at a reasonable hour.

I started to put my mask on and go back to sleep but I knew that would be tempting fate since I needed to be at the church on time. Instead, I lay in bed until 7:45 and got up.

100% Raw Food

17 ozzies OJ with two mangos, blended (YUMMY!)
28 ozzies banana/red leaf/green leaf/romaine lettuce smoothie (healthful)

2 quarts watermelon
A young coconut (the tiniest one I’ve ever had to be so mature–I ate a couple bites of the meat and froze the rest)

1 pint salsa (I put it in a bowl and put the bowl in a pan of hot water to knock the chill off)

3 quart salad of romaine, red leaf, green leaf lettuces with an organic cucumber (the lettuces were organic, too), organic Vidalia onion, LOTS of homegrown (I don’t know that they are organic) cherry tomatoes, dressed with cashew dressing
Coconut “bacon”

I drank my mango/OJ smoothie and half of my other one before I left for church. I drank the rest of the green smoothie in the car.

When I pulled in to park, I was a couple of minutes late. They were just getting started and I missed the first verse of the first song but I joined in on the chorus.

After the preliminaries, I went out to the bathroom when the lesson study started. The pianist came in and we started talking. I had been to her mother’s funeral on Wednesday. Her aunt-in-law had told me a little about what had brought on her mother’s fatal illness. Today, I got the full story. Seems her mother had a lot of pain in the gallbladder area but her other symptoms indicated heart involvement so the gallbladder had been ignored. By the time the real problem was found, it had progressed to pancreatitis. Considering her age (she would have been 82 later on this month), she was in good physical shape except for her bones. However, the doctor explained to my friend that, when the pancreas is inflamed, it draws fluid from the other parts of the body and the person becomes dehydrated. They had her on IV fluids but she could have nothing by mouth to keep from stimulating the gallbladder and pancreas. She was also on oxygen which dries out the mucus membranes. Even though her organs were functioning, she couldn’t fight to the point of getting well. After seeing the family members and talking to each one, she slipped into a coma. Finally, my friend complied with her mother’s wish to not be allowed to lie there and suffer so she made the hard decision to have everything removed and let her die in peace. At that point, she started sobbing and we hugged and both of us cried. It reminded me of when my mother was frantic with misery and my sister, BIL, and I decided much the same thing.

When I got back to the organ, the platform elder came down and told me we’d sing if the pastor wasn’t there when he was scheduled to start preaching. He was late last week and I felt like I needed to be surgically removed from the bench. This week wasn’t a repeat, though, and he got in with time to spare.

After church, I was talking to the pastor’s wife and mentioned I was supposed to call my friend in Mexico this afternoon. We were talking about the mango trees in the yard, etc., and I said my DF had said she was surprised when I hadn’t hopped on a plane and flown down. I’d looked on the WWW about fares and the cheapest I could find was around $700. THEN I mentioned I was going on a trip in September and was driving to the distant airport to catch my flight. She offered to take me! She insisted on taking me! She was so insistent I said I would think about it and I’ll probably take her up on it! Praise the Lord! Her daughter came up about then and had on a “Daddy’s Girl” shirt. That got us to talking about husbands and fathers and it was quite a bit later before I left for home. She and the pastor urged me to stay for lunch but I didn’t feel I should since I hadn’t taken anything. The watermelon sounded tempting but I had some at home, anyway.

It was pretty warm and I was eating and trying to get through in time to call Mexico but it turned out there was no need. I called at 4 and got VM. I called at 5 and got VM. I tried again at 5:15 and 5:25 and gave up after that. The last time we talked she told me she had no clue about how to operate the computer so that may have been the problem–again.

As it happened, I had my heavy meal early enough that I won’t have to be concerned about going to bed too soon after.

When it finally cooled enough for me to go outside, the shadow was on the part of the yard where I would be “sunning” so there wasn’t any use to go out. I did water my volunteer tomato plant. I was checking it the other day and saw a tiny tomato. I looked closer and there are quite a few tomatoes on it and some of them are almost golf ball size. I need to tie it up. It’s close enough to a volunteer peach tree for me to use it as a “stake”.

That reminds me–one of the men from the church called me yesterday and said a man would be bringing in a load of peaches tomorrow. I ordered two boxes. They are ‘way more than they were last year but they’re still reasonable, considering. I’ll pick them up Monday.

It’s another katydid night. There was one on my car after church and the pastor’s wife didn’t know what it was. I told her it might be one of the ones that’s been serenading me the past few nights. I recited the words to the song my mother taught me, too, and she thought that was so neat. “Katy did! She didn’t! Katy did! She didn’t! She did! She didn’t! She did! She didn’t! All afternoon, she clung to that tune and it doesn’t seem likely she’ll finish it soon!”

I wanted to be in bed before 10. I told my friend, Rose, that was my goal so I’m going to have to get off here now. Good night!

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