I am surrounded.

The katydids are in the trees in the woods and the ones in front of and beside the house. It’s a pleasant sound even though I don’t like what it’s supposed to mean.

And now, I will say, “WOOHOO!” I got up and did my exercises through the LSEs and then skipped to a–get this!–97 second pushup! When my timer goes off, it beeps on the second and I counted seven sets of beeps! Now I have a new personal best!

100% Raw Food

16 ozzies OJ
2 large bananas
Lots of really good grapes

Loads of cherry tomatoes (I snacked on them off and on all day)

Organic cherry tomatoes
Organic cucumber
3 banana smoothie

1.5 quarts watermelon
5 peaches with 8 ozzies organic blueberries
Marinated mushrooms
30 ozzies salsa with half an avocado

My BIL is doing much better. My sister called at 11:40 last night and left VM that he had come through the surgery and someone was picking her up to take her to the hospital. I called her back and talked to her for a very few minutes to let her know I got the message. She was able to go in and see him and he was aware she was there. Since he’s back in ICU, the family had to take turns. Their grandson spent the most time with him. He was really taking it hard and was very relieved that his grandpa is going to be okay.

It has been overcast and cool today. Nice walking weather. I was able to get out and walk this morning and heard the part of the teleconference where they talk about me and ask my question about B-12. This afternoon was another matter. I’d made the mistake of eating lunch in the break room and was informed of a change in one of our processes that I wasn’t aware of. I spent the rest of the afternoon searching the WWW and posting on the NAHAM forum to try to get all the pieces together. The case manager and I finally agreed to wait until Monday to settle on what we are going to put in place.

On the way home, I stopped a couple of different places for FOOD and had the gas tank topped off. Coming in, I grabbed some mangos out of the fridge for tomorrow.

There was more salsa than I could eat. I have a pint in the fridge. I haven’t decided whether I’ll stay for the fellowship meal or not.

I’ve been trying to catch up on the forum. I’m so far behind, it isn’t even funny. It’s over 200 members now. 204 to be exact. One of the members got tired of waiting for me to post the link for the 80/10/10 teleconference and she posted it here. I hope she doesn’t get in trouble because of it but the Yahoo group has public archives.

It’s getting late and I was going to bed on time tonight. Yeah, right! It’s Sabbath so I don’t have to hurry to get up and exercise in the morning. And with that, I will say good night and happy Sabbath, everyone!

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