It’s a good thing I live the way I do.

Except for a lack of sleep, that is. I would never be able to make it with everything that’s been going on if I didn’t eat raw food and exercise.

It was almost 11 when I turned the light off last night and it’s 10:24 right now. Make that 10:25. I was up shortly after the alarm alarmed and did my exercises skipping from the LSEs to my 83 second pushup.

100% Raw Food

20 ozzies OJ
30 ozzies banana/mango/spinach smoothie (it was the last of the spinach and there wasn’t enough to make it very green)

32 ozzies banana/romaine/green leaf/red leaf lettuce smoothie
3 Ataulfo mangos (I shared with a couple of girls in the office but they each took very little)

3 quarts watermelon
Some marinated mushrooms
1.5 quarts salsa with Tajin and half an avocado

I’d taken some cherry tomatoes and a small cucumber but never got around to eating them.

There was enough staff for me to get out and walk 15 minutes this morning and 15 this afternoon. I listened to the teleconference while I made my rounds. Since I can’t post the link for that, I’ll post a couple from NPR that caught my eyes and ears. This one is about how prepared food is adulterated with uglies you wouldn’t willingly eat. This one questions the safety of supermarket food. This afternoon, a man saw me walking and asked me later if I got my “jogging” in. I told him yes and how much. He mentioned my MP3 player and wanted to know if I listened to music. No, I listen to lectures and teleconferences. He patted his flat stomach and said he’s convinced exercise is the key to good health and a fit body. I agreed and said, “That and good food.” He looked at me kind of funny. People confuse fitness with health and they don’t consider what they put in their bodies as important as how much they move. It’s all necessary.

My oldest sister called me at work to let me know my BIL would probably have to have another surgery. His blood pressure had bottomed out again and he had symptoms indicating a bleed. I called my sister (the wife) and talked to her at length, then she called and left VM tonight and said the surgeon had called and gotten permission for the surgery. She broke down and cried at the end so, of course, I had to call her back. She is home by herself and has been understandably upset. She was able to drive to the hospital yesterday but didn’t sleep well last night and was afraid to be out on the road today. She hasn’t seen him today or talked to him. The surgeon is one who they referred patients to for colorectal problems so she has a great deal of confidence in him. She promised to call me when he gets out of surgery but said she wouldn’t if it were later than 11 my time. I told her to call in any case but she said no, that I needed my sleep. Don’t know if I’ll be able to sleep now. My niece was at the hospital when my BIL was taken to surgery and had prayer with him just before they took him in. That was a comfort for the One at Home.

Since I’ve been searching the WWW for articles, it has crept up to 11 and past. At 11 o’clock, I called my sister and she still hasn’t heard anything. I made her promise to call me no matter what time it is or what the news is.

This is all out of sequence but I saw an old friend in the supermarket this afternoon. She was saying her daughter’s cholesterol is high and she can’t lose weight. I told her I couldn’t either until I started eating the way I do now. She sort of shrugged. I said I know it’s drastic but sometimes we have to do drastic things. One of her relatives has gotten, she said, the Belt. I’m sure she meant lap band but I didn’t correct her. Even with that, weight loss can still be a battle. It surely isn’t an “easy fix”.

The Katies are Didding. They are very loud tonight and with the woods so close, I’m sure they will be louder tomorrow night.

Think I’ll go get ready for bed and see if I can sleep. Good night, everyone!

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