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Whew! I’m still blown away that I was able to find yesterday’s post. I’m still praising the Lord and thanking Him for Google! I wish it would work for the forum posts that were lost, too, but it didn’t. Just on a whim, I tried the search on Yahoo! but the most recent post I could find was June 21st. Google rocks! I was already a huge fan but now it’s cemented! I’m dancing sitting down. I can’t get over it. That’s the most exciting thing that’s happened to me in a long time. Shows you the pitiful shape of my life but that was close to being a miracle.

I need to get off that subject and on to the task at hand which has been made much easier by GOOGLE!

It was 10:15 when I got to bed but I remembered I hadn’t put a watermelon in the fridge for today. By the time I took care of that and one or two other things, I was back in bed by 10:24.

I didn’t get up until 7:45. No exercise, no nothing except listening to the discussion on PineKnoll. It was strange not to have any citrus juice. I have an orange or two left but I want to make some mango sorbet.

100% Raw Food

24 ozzies banana/mango/spinach smoothie

3 quarts watermelon (still seedy and a Sugar Baby but a better flavor and texture than the other one)
1 young coconut (and it really was young enough to eat all the meat)

3.5 tomatoes with Tajin
3 quarts salad (same as yesterday except for a homegrown tomato that probably wasn’t organic, half an avocado, and it was dressed with lemon/EVOO/agave nectar/sea salt/onion powder/garlic powder dressing) (I didn’t eat the last few bites or drink the rest of the dressing.)
A little kim chee

Everything at church was excellent. We had a good Sabbath School, a good lesson discussion (I didn’t have a lesson guide until this morning but I’d studied it online at SSNet), and the church service was good, too. We had already started singing to fill in the time until the pastor got there, plus the elder called for testimonies when one of the ladies came in and said the pastor was delayed by another 15 minutes. I was at the organ overtime today. When the pastor rolled in with his pots and pans, I knew we were in for an interesting sermon, too, and we were. I told him after that I was disappointed. I thought he was bringing lunch but they were just props. I wouldn’t have eaten the food had it been cooked, anyway, but it was a unique approach. The sermon title was “Pot Luck”.

Someone had brought fresh garden truck and I helped myself to some of the tomatoes. There were two big bags of purple/red cabbage but I don’t use a lot of cabbage so I left it for the others. Someone offered me a green bell pepper but I don’t use the green ones, either. The red ones are much sweeter and more digestible.

I came on home and stopped at the other fridge to get the greens, coconut, and some more mangos.

This afternoon has been spent wondering about the forum and my blog and eating. I had an e-mail from my sister asking about last night’s post so I let her know that the server was down. Now it’s back and I’m so glad! My mother would say, “It takes so little to make us glad and so very little to make us sad.”

I wanted to get out in the sun this afternoon but it stayed overcast until after 5. There were a few sprinkles of rain but not enough to notice.

All in all, it’s been a pleasant Sabbath and it’s 10 pm at the moment. Think I’ll take myself to bed.

Good night!

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