The server ate yesterday’s post about two raw food days.

But God bless Google for caching it! I did a Google search on the name of my blog, my name, and the date and there it was!

I would much prefer keeping current but that isn’t going to happen in this post.

Let me see if I can remember yesterday. It’s a whole lot easier remembering today. I got up and did my exercises but not all of them. I did get outside to walk for 15 minutes in the morning but it was too hot to walk in the afternoon.

100% Raw Food

18 ozzies grapefruit juice (my last three)
20 ozzies banana/spinach/mint smoothie (it was pretty bad–the bananas weren’t ripe enough)

10 baby bananas
4 Ataulfo mangos

3 quarts watermelon (the woman said it was a Sugar Baby that had seeds, and boy! was she right!)
Organic cherry tomatoes and organic cucumber

Someone from the kitchen asked me if I drink soy milk. I said no but I knew people who do. I had to go help a couple with their bills in the afternoon and they were glad to get it.

Bananas were the first thing on my list after work. There was a couple I knew buying some. He likes them ripe, she likes to buy them half green. They should have each gotten what they wanted but they settled on some big ones that he said they could share, as in halving a banana a day, I guess. I had a bunch in my hand and I told her I ate that many in a day. She said, “You’re still on that raw thing, aren’t you?” I said yes and gave her my card. Don’t know if she will look it up or not.

I stopped by the produce place up here on the mountain and asked about oranges. The ones she had looked a little sad and were too rich for my blood. I may have to give them up until fall.

I didn’t get to bed until well past 10 and overslept this morning.

Since I made the statement that I wasn’t going to get caught up tonight, I’ll have to confess I lied. And on Sabbath, at that. Yesterday’s info was so short, I think I’ll have time.

Due to the catching up on the beauty sleep, I didn’t have time to exercise. I got out and walked for 15 minutes again this morning but not in the afternoon.

100% Raw Food

10 ozzies OJ
24 ozzies banana/mango/spinach smoothie

3 Campari tomatoes
2 organic cucumbers (when I saw all the cucumbers Nancy brought me, I wondered how I’d be able to eat them but I’m going to have to pace myself or run out.)

32 ozzies banana/romaine/green leaf lettuce smoothie

3 quarts watermelon (the rest of the really seedy one)
3 quarts salad (red leaf, romaine, green leaf, cucumber, vidalia onion, tomato, all organic, dressed with organic tomato/conventional mango dressing)

I wasn’t able to eat the last few bites of the salad–again.

My friend called me from Mexico. She’s about done herself in eating so many mangos. When I talked to her before, she said for me to get on a plane and come down. Today, she wanted to know why I hadn’t shown up. Just for fun, I looked up the fare and it’s ‘way too much for my budget. She asked me to call her tonight. I’ve tried twice with no luck and it’s too late for a meaningful conversation now.

There were no house calls this afternoon. On the way home, I stopped to see if I could get some oranges. What I found were in worse shape than yesterday. I went to the stand on the main drag and went away with a couple of cantaloupe. I told the people their picture turned out well and the woman asked for my card so one of her relatives can look it up.

I had a couple of e-mails from my sister when I got home. One of them was in a large font. It was before she’d been to see the doctor. After she had gone in to be examined, he took the shield off and her second e-mail was in a regular font and she could read it! Praise the Lord! My BIL is still in ICU but doing much better. He will have to be there for, probably, another four or five days. I hope he isn’t discharged too soon. I understand the role of case manager but the patient has to be considered, too.

Late this afternoon, it clouded up, the thunder did some rumbling off somewhere not close to the house, but there was a good downpour for an hour or more. The cloud cover was so thick, it knocked the satellite feed out. That’s okay. I mostly had the TV on for noise, anyway.

Tomorrow, it’s back to playing the organ. I haven’t been to church for two Sabbaths. I don’t know what’s going on with the bulletin. I know I didn’t get any information. I like to have, at least, the opening and closing songs so I can be prepared. The congregation will suffer through the mistakes if the selections aren’t familiar.

The forum is up to 198 members. Won’t be long until another milestone will come up! Who will be the 200th member? It won’t be me. I was the first. 🙂

It’s 9:45 and I’m through. I’ll wish each and every one of you a Happy Sabbath and a pleasant good night!

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