I have very little time to write

if I get to bed by 10, which is what I’m aiming for.

Yesterday. I was going to do my vision therapy. As I stated in yesterday’s post, I fully intended to do it. As it happened, my son got back sooner than I thought he would. I opted for visiting with him rather than Therapy.

100% Raw Food

24 ozzies grapefruit juice (I fixed the same amount for my son)
24 ozzies (I think) blended banana and water

Ataulfo mangos and organic blueberries (my son helped me eat it and my granddaughter tasted the mango and ate some of the blueberries)
Some sorry tomatoes with Tajin
Corn chowder (I didn’t think I’d be able to get it smooth enough with my DIL’s blender. It still had a little “texture” but it was good.)

3 quarts salad (organic romaine/red leaf/green curly leaf, cucumber, organic Vidalia onion, organic tomato dressed with Matt’s dip) (I ate all but the last few bites and couldn’t handle the rest.)

When the rest of the family got up, my DIL started in fixing my granddaughter’s traditional birthday feast. It was a day late but my son had to work the day before. The menu was FriChik, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, chocolate cake, and vanilla/chocolate swirl ice cream. I ate my mango and blueberries at the table with them. By now, they are used to my not eating what they eat.

I gifted my granddaughter and she was pleased with her take. We sat down and looked at the beginner’s origami book. It’s pretty interesting. Basic stuff but that’s what she needs to learn first.

After all the meal was cleared away, my g-daughter asked if she could play Dilbert’s Desktop Games. I hadn’t put it back on my computer since I formatted but I had it on my portable drive so I installed it. She played with that until my computer got too hot and shut down. I discovered the problem. My transformer thingy for the power cord was right behind the computer, blocking the air flow. It was almost time for me to leave, anyway. My son borrowed my drive and put the game on their computer so she can play it even if I’m not there.

I had help loading the car so it went much more quickly than it had the day before. We had prayer, as usual, and I was on my way.

First stop was the university store where I stocked up on my needed supplies. I went to the deli and asked if anything qualified as raw and I was directed to the salad bar. I thought it would be nice to have a salad I didn’t have to make when I got home but the ingredients were mostly either cooked or not vegan (not meat but not vegan) and the greens didn’t look terribly fresh so I let them keep it. At $3.95 a lub, I figured I could do better than that.

I went by the Asian market but there was a sign on the door saying they were closed. I wasn’t surprised and headed on to the organic market. I got more of what I’d already bought at the other place plus the Vidalia onions. What I had in my salad was really sweet and good. I don’t know if someone read my blog after I was there the last time but everyone was very friendly and one fellow even looked at a lively little boy and laughed! The atmosphere was totally different. Refreshing.

My grapefruit supply was down to three. I was prepared with cash and a quarter for the cart but Aldi was closed. Now, that was a disappointment.

Wally World was my next to the last stop. I was there mostly for bananas. It was hard to find any that weren’t green.

The very last place was what my mother would have called the Used Food Store. It’s stocked with a lot of either mislabeled or dented boxes and cans. They do have some decent produce at times, though I have to watch it because they mark it at a higher price than other stores. I found some nice nectarines and plums that were reasonable.

I’d gone by Mother’s grave on the way out. I headed straight home from town. I don’t remember what time I got here but it was still broad daylight. I stowed a lot of the lettuces in the other fridge and came on to the house. It took awhile to unload and get everything put away. I took a break at one point and ate.

I was in bed before 10:30 and that’s my new goal for tonight. I’ve already passed 10 because I answered an e-mail from my sister. It was important, though, so that’s okay.

I’ll save today for tomorrow and hope to eventually get back on schedule. My sister and BIL both were surgerized successfully. She had a lens implant (not as easy a surgery as she had anticipated) and he had the infection in his lung removed (also more extensive than they’d hoped). I talked to my niece for half an hour or so this evening and my sister was sleeping. My BIL is expected to be in the hospital for another week at this level. There’s a lot of healing to be done but the worst is over. God is good.

This is the point where I say good night, all!

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