It was back to the salt mines.

I went to bed late last night (uh-oh) and wasn’t able to sleep. I had the phone next to my bed and it never once rang. I finally got up to steam my sinuses and chest. When I was in the process, my prairie dog notified me there was an e-mail. My oldest sister had talked to our sister and gotten an update. She found out my BIL had been kept at the hospital, he has a virulent pneumonia, lungs full. His blood pressure had dropped to 80/29, and they were giving him meds to try to raise it. His white blood count was 66,000. Of course, they have him hooked up to all sorts of IVs, plus I have no idea what else. Sometimes desperate measures are necessary in desperate situations. I was able to go to bed and sleep after knowing he was still in the Land of the Living.

I was up before the alarm went off. I was tempted to go back to bed but I knew I’d never get to work on time if I did.

There were clothes to iron since they weren’t dry last night (and I haven’t gotten around to ironing any tonight, either). I did get in my exercises through a 75 second pushup. I don’t think it’s quite time to say WOOHOO! yet. I’ll save that for when I can do the full 90.

100% Raw Food

22 ozzies grapefruit juice
34 ozzies banana/romaine/red leaf/green curly leaf smoothie

24 ozzies banana/same as above smoothie
Fred’s Mom’s Salad of four Ataulfo mangos, one tomato, onion, and cilantro

A few chunks of watermelon one of my co-workers brought in
Later on, an ear of corn

3 quarts watermelon
I hadn’t been able to eat much of the salad today so I picked out most of the mango and ate it this evening. The tomato didn’t hold up well.
The rest of the marinated mushrooms, rinsed
Part of a tomato that needed to be eaten with a sprinkle of sea salt

On my way down the mountain, I got behind four SUVs that were obviously together. There were a couple of cars between them and me so I couldn’t really see anything. The other cars went a different way and I pulled up close enough to read I’ve never watched the show but it was interesting to see the vehicles, anyway.

I had my desk piled high with stuff when I went in to work. People seemed glad that I was back though a couple told me how bad I looked (encouraging) and one said she’d heard I’d died peacefully in my sleep. I figured if I were dead, I shouldn’t be there. I didn’t leave. I stayed and worked my full alloted time.

This morning, I was able to duck out for my walk. I listened to the teleconference with Dr. D. and heard things I’d forgotten. I still haven’t gotten an answer from Elchanan about whether or not I can post the link. I hope the answer is yes but it may not be. I would love for my family members to listen to it–not because I think it would convince them to eat raw food but it would help them understand why I do.

My sister had called me around noon and gave me the news that her DH is in ICU, his WBC has dropped to something like 40,000 and he was on oxygen. Later on this evening, she e-mailed that he had been taken off oxygen and it was a great relief because it had been bothering him. It was good to be able to talk to her, herself, and find it out firsthand.

I contacted My Farmer and she’ll bring me some cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and hot peppers tomorrow. If it doesn’t rain tonight. The raccoons got her first picking of corn and when I called, she was weedeating around the fence so she could turn it on and, hopefully, save the rest of the crop.

One of the ladies came in and said a truck would be there this afternoon with corn picked today. I bought enough to share with my neighbor and some to take with me when I go to my son’s place tomorrow. Plus I ate an ear. It wasn’t completely full. Guess the dry weather has had an impact on it. It had a good flavor, though, and I enjoyed it. One of the registrars called me in to help her with something on the computer and a man in the lobby was laughing at me and my corn. I grinned and hope I didn’t have corny teeth.

On the way home, I stopped and got some bananas for 19 cents a lub. I saw an old friend in the supermarket. He came up behind me at the checkout and stuck something cold against my bare arm. When I turned around, it was a frozen chicken. I let him know I didn’t like to be touched by a dead body. He had its twin in his other hand. We went back and forth a few minutes about whether he should be eating dead bird bodies or not but, of course, I had to admit defeat because he isn’t planning to change. I left there and went by the place up here on the mountain and bought a watermelon, some lettuce, organic tomatoes (the one I ate was one of those), peaches, and a little okra. They threw that in for free. They are good people. They told me I buy a lot there (I do) and they were glad to give it to me.

My neighbor and I visited for awhile when I took him the corn. He was telling me about a pipe organ that’s been restored that he wants to go see. I’m recording the news tonight in the hope that the segment will be repeated.

The clock just chimed 11. It’s the one my BIL made me in his more robust days. It’s a beautiful clock and made for a mantel but my little fireplace doesn’t have much of one so it lives on my bookshelf. I’m getting back into my old habits quickly and I need to nip it in the bud. I’m going to have to leave the forum for the weekends or something. It is really booming. There were 58 members online at one time or another yesterday. The average new members joining per day is 1.15. That doesn’t sound like much but the potential is 35 a month. And, as word gets around, that average will go up. Average posts are 100 per day. That’s a lot to try to keep up with.

Well, folks, I’m going to put this to bed and go do likewise. Good night.

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