It’s almost Sabbath and the dishes are done!

I woke a little after 6 and got up. I’d gone to bed at 9:40, got up after having coughing fits and heated up my damp towel for my chest. That quieted it for as long as it stayed warm but it came back with a vengeance. I was up again at 10:30, ran a tub full of hot water, immersed myself, and was back in bed by 11. I was so hot and sticky that I stuck to the sheets. I didn’t realize I was so far down in the bed (I hadn’t turned the light on in the bedroom) that, when I dislodged my foot so I could straighten it out, I hit the end of the bed with such force that it felt like I could have broken some toes. Thankfully, I didn’t. I went to sleep and slept well the rest of the night.

Once again, I had my tissue close at hand while I exercised. I had to make use of it quite a bit. I made it all the way through, though, and did a 65 second pushup. The way I time it is to set my timer for 1 minute 33 seconds. That gives me three seconds to push up and get into position after I push the “Start Stop” bar. Then, I subtract whatever time is left from 90 after I fail, to get my time. When I first started doing this, I would count, “One-thousand, two-thousand, three-thousand”, etc., and I think I was actually holding it longer than I counted. This way, I know for sure.

Raw Food:

25 ozzies grapefruit juice

Probably 10 ozzies grapes

32 ozzies banana/red leaf/romaine lettuce smoothie
3 tomato salsa (I made most of it in the food processor and it was a lot quicker. The only thing I chopped was the jalapeno.)

2.5 quarts watermelon (surprisingly good)

1 mango
1 romaine leaf (I had washed some red leaf and romaine for a salad tomorrow)
2 nectarines

There’s a mercifully cool breeze blowing through the house. It got up to 91 today but it’s 68 outside at the moment (not quite 9:30).

I was out lying in the sun a little before 10. I factor in Daylight Saving Time when I go out so it was actually before 9. I had trouble staying still for a whole hour. I wanted to be up doing something. I did the 30 minutes on my stomach but I couldn’t handle more than 15 on my back. I kept looking at the timer every minute or two as it was so I got up and came in. That’s when I ate the grapes.

The dishes were done in shifts since there were so many. I had to change water once. It’s shameful that I let them pile up the way I did but I wasn’t going to force myself to do anything I didn’t feel like doing. It’s nice to look around and see them all done and to know I had more than enough energy. I could have done them, energy-wise, the first day but I didn’t have the “want-to”.

I’ve spent a lot of today taping off some programs for my son. I watched a little of it while I was eating but there’s a lot I haven’t seen, myself.

Mid-afternoon, the sky clouded up and there was a thunder off in the distance. WeatherBug chirped at me that there was a severe thunderstorm warning for my neck of the woods. It never materialized. A soft, gentle rain fell for a couple of hours and that was all. If it would do that for a week or so, it would help but I doubt it could even be measured. I had planned to go out for the remaining 15 minutes of sun but it didn’t happen.

My Great Northwest sister is due to go in for cataract surgery on the 5th. She has been struggling to read her devotional mornings and hasn’t been able to read the Bible at all. When she told her husband that, she cried. I had especially enjoyed today’s Guideposts devotional so I’d copied it, put it in an e-mail in 18 point font, and sent it to her. She could read it and she was thrilled. She mentioned that our niece had told her about a Bible program she could download. I have it and haven’t reinstalled it since I formatted because I wasn’t impressed and didn’t use it. I sent her the link for Bible Gateway. She e-mailed back she had put it in favorites and would look at it later. It didn’t take long for her to decide it was late enough. She said she’d looked up a verse she’d been wanting to find for a long time since her Concordance got damaged. I’m going to send her Guideposts and whatever else she usually reads every morning that’s online until she can read it on her own. That’s little enough to do.

Since I’m not scheduled to play the organ for church tomorrow, I’m staying home. I don’t think anyone would appreciate my coughing.

It’s getting later all the time. DID YOU KNOW THAT? I need to wind this up and go to bed.

Good night and happy Sabbath!

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