It’s raining!

It’s about stopped but maybe it isn’t completely gone yet–I hope. I went out and switched the buckets so the one that wasn’t even close to being full can get the runoff from the roof. I had to give the plants a drink yesterday with tap water and I don’t like to do that. It’s chlorinated and has fluoride. I don’t drink it and I don’t expect my plants or Twinkle to, either.

I was up when the alarm went off this morning after a late night. I was so wound up when I went to bed I had to take a Melatonin to settle me down. I don’t like to do that and it’s only once in a very great while I do. At least it’s something my body makes on its own if it can. It refused last night, though.

I BodyFlexed, did my LSEs, then jumped to a 60 second pushup. A disappointment but I couldn’t hold it any longer.


17 ozzies OJ
30 ozzies banana/organic spinach/mint smoothie (as my sister would say, “Double dee!”)

3 cups organic cantaloupe
24 ozzies (about) banana/organic romaine/organic green curly leaf lettuce smoothie
2 small organic cucumbers (I shared one piece with my lunch partner)

2 quarts of another pale watermelon (I would have given a lot for a sprinkle of salt)
Half a head of lettuce with lemon/lime juice, too much garlic powder, a little EVOO (the last was to smooth it out so I could eat it)

I contacted the people at the Asian market and ordered some mangos for Thursday. She didn’t ask me about coconut. I still have quite a few from the last box.

I was able to get away for both morning and afternoon walks even though it was absolutely wild in the office. I was trying to troubleshoot the new system, keep up with my e-mails, and deal with a woman from the Mother Ship who was doing an audit of our cash box, when I got a call about the State Data that I correct every quarter. I’d only gotten it Friday and had worked on it some but the call was saying I had today to finish it up. I misunderstood that I had to get all the facilities done. It turned out it was only our little hospital and that was a breeze. Anyway, I survived the day and got off when I was supposed to.

There wasn’t a banana in the whole supermarket where I usually get them. I stopped at the other one and got enough to do me until Thursday and maybe longer. I’m kind of cutting back on them because I really don’t need that many calories. When I make my smoothies, I’m using less bananas but still as many greens.

My tomato supplier was in the office today and said she’d gotten some tomatoes in this morning. I went in on the way home and bought half a box and an organic red sweet pepper. When I got here, I got some mangos for tomorrow out of the fridge along with the aforementioned pale watermelon.

As my sisters would say, “LOTE” which is an acronym in our family for “Life on the edge.” I keep hearing thunder off in the distance but it doesn’t seem to get any closer. I won’t give up hope. Hope, hope. I just checked and the water is still slowly dripping into the bucket.

With that exciting news, I’ll sign off and be back here, Lord willing and the creeks don’t rise (too much), tomorrow night. ‘Night, all!

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