I’m on my old computer tonight.

I haven’t used it in so long that Opera is ad-supported. I’m downloading the latest version but I thought I’d get started on this in the meantime.

It was late when I rolled out of bed. I don’t know what had happened to my usual computer but something had gone belly-up. I spent some time attempting to repair Windows but I never got online.


22 ozzies OJ
34 ozzies organic banana/mango/organic spinach smoothie

1 quart watermelon
20 ozzies organic banana/organic red leaf lettuce smoothie (lots of lettuce)

3 Campari tomatoes

2 quarts watermelon
Reasonably large organic romaine/organic green curly leaf lettuce, organic red onion, dressed with an organic blueberry dressing
1/2 an avocado

I left the computer recovering itself. I had to go to work so there was no way I was going to stay and do anything to it.

I was able to get out and walk three laps this morning. In the afternoon, we had enough rain to knock me out of another walk plus I was pretty busy trying to get the new addition to the system to work. It would function for me but no one else. I have no idea what the deal is.

At lunch, there were two new employees at the table. Someone announced that I’m a “rawist”. Now, that was a new one and I had to correct her and say I eat raw food. One of the ladies was interested enough to ask some questions but, of course, one of them was “How do you get your protein?” Americans are so hung up on protein and the excess people get is one big reason why there are so many health problems. I don’t know why they can’t realize that God knew what He was doing when He made plantlife.

After my stint at the hospital, I came on home and started in again. I was able to get in and back up everything I wanted to keep in My Documents. It was running slowly so I shut it down but when I brought it back up again, I couldn’t get into anything. It looks pretty but it won’t do squat. I could kick myself that I didn’t back up everything while I was at it when it was sort of cooperating. At least I have this one and I have the latest version of Opera installed. I was thinking about losing my e-mails this morning but it dawned on me that, thanks to my SIL, I have 99% of them going to gmail and they are all saved on there along with most of my replies. He invited me to set up an account and it’s almost unlimited space. Plus I can use it as POP mail, too.

That’s about it for my exciting day. I’ll be back in touch tomorrow, one way or another. Good night, and pray for my computer!

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