I’ll try to type fast tonight.

It’s getting late and today has been a long day. I was up by 5 am and one the road just a few minutes past the time I planned.


21 ozzies OJ
24 ozzies banana/spinach smoothie

4 good-sized bananas
Several pieces of dehydrated mango

A little red leaf lettuce, a few bites of romaine, some pieces of red onion, dressed with mango/tomato dressing
2 quarts watermelon

I stopped by Mother’s grave and took a couple of pictures. I would have taken more but my batteries were shot and I didn’t have any fresh ones with me.

Mother's Grave

The arrangement looks better in person.

I drank my half OJ on the way to the Mother Ship and the other half in class, plus I drank my smoothie in class. I’d suffered with needing to go to the bathroom through part of the class. I’d met my former boss at the elevator on the way to her office and I’d gone potty there so it could have been worse. I kept thinking that, if the class lasted much longer, there would be a puddle to clean up. Finally, I found out where the bathroom was and when I got there, two women were standing outside talking. I asked if it were the line and one of them said, “Oh! I have to go in there” and hurriedly said goodbye to the other woman. Mercifully, she didn’t stay long. I’d waited so long to “go” that everything was backed up and it took three trips to be completely comfortable. Moral of the story is, if you eat raw food with all the juices intact, you need to heed the Call of Nature in a timely manner.

The new system is interesting and it will be very helpful when it gets up and running. I saw several people who knew me when and they were amazed at the change. I spoke to one of the fellows and he looked at me like, “Who are you?” Someone else said something to me and called me Tommie. Later on, he said, “You’ve lost a lot of weight, haven’t you?” I admitted as much and he said, “I found it.” I think he did. He quit smoking and has put on quite a bit. One of the women had gastric bypass several years ago and had lost a lot but she’s gained some of it back. That’s the problem with surgery. Unless a person has willpower along with it, the stomach can stretch and hold more. One of the women who had been almost skinny is a little on the pudgy side now. She’s short, like me, and short people don’t carry extra weight well. I met someone I’ve had to e-mail a lot and it turns out she is very health-conscious. She said there are problems (healthwise) in her family and she wants to eat a good diet. The instructor was telling me he’s the large one in his family. He’s quite muscular and isn’t overweight for someone who eats cooked food. I’d printed off some business cards this morning and several took them. Roger has told me, “Don’t give them cards! Get their e-mail addresses and send them a message with links to your blog and forum!” If I get their addresses, they get buried in my purse and I might never find them again. Hopefully, they won’t throw the cards away. If one person can be helped by the many cards I’ve passed out, it’ll be worth it.

It sounded like it was raining and sure enough, there were wet spots on the steps. WeatherBug had a severe weather alert which included my county but it sounds like it’s all but quit. Wish it would keep on!

Back to the saga. After the class broke up and I walked down to the hallway outside the cafeteria with the others, I took my leave. I called my sister and said I’d be out to see her. It took me about 45 minutes to get there and we had a good visit. My niece has a decent computer now but isn’t online. I had a CD in the car for PeoplePC so I gave it to her. I hope she uses it. Her daughter is almost tall as she is (probably as tall or taller than me) and her son is reading up a storm.

From there, I went to the university supermarket and did my shopping. I had to go back to the deli and harass the people about not having anything I could eat. There wasn’t a single item in the place that was acceptable. And the store is supposed to be promoting a healthy lifestyle? It was mostly vegetarian junk food. I said there are more and more people who are beginning eat like I do and it would be nice if they had some alternatives to what is available now. The woman agreed. I gave her my card and she got a kick out of the laced banana.

I’d called my son and all three of them were home so I stopped by their place. On the way, I ate two of my bananas and ate the other two after I got there. I hadn’t planned to stay long but I was there for, probably, a couple of hours. He gave me my GPS back. Now I need to learn to use it. My granddaughter is shooting up like a weed. She was jumping on the rebounder. My son and a friend of his had walked 4.5 miles this morning. My daughter-in-law gets plenty of exercise keeping up with the family, cats, and birds.

There were a couple more things I wanted to get at the supermarket so I stopped back by and still forgot to look for Bragg EVOO. I went to the Wally World that’s close to the campus and ended up with a jar of kimchi that’s just like some I got before and didn’t like. I’ll have to remember that.

I headed home and was so hungry I ate all of the mango which wasn’t a good thing to do. The salad I made after I got here was tough and unappetizing and I threw most of it away. The watermelon was okay but nothing great. I wanted some avocado but I looked at the clock and decided against it. I’ll be okay until tomorrow.

It’s going on 11 and I need to hit the hay. Goodnight, everyone, and sleep tight!

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