I have no leeway tonight.

I have to get to bed soon. I go in two hours early tomorrow. No way can I stay up and do anything on the forum.

I was ready to face the day before the alarm went off this morning. I think it was 10:34 when I turned the light off last night.

Exercises went through the LSEs. There won’t be any vision therapy for me in the ayem, as my sister writes.


21 ozzies grapefruit juice
32 ozzies banana/mango/spinach smoothie

24 ozzies banana/romaine smoothie I drank between registrations

3 Ataulfo mangos chopped up with
Part of one organic tomato

A very young coconut
32 or so ozzies organic tomatoes with Frontier salt free taco seasoning & Cajun seasoning (also salt-free and the Frontier brand)
2 quarts salad of romaine (organic but not the best flavored I’ve ever had), grape tomatoes, sweet onion, half an avocado, dressed with mango/tomato dressing

I was able to get out of the office long enough to walk morning and afternoon.

I saw the Hallelujah Diet lady. I’d come back in the house after locking the door this morning because I had a hunch…She was happy to get the books. One of them was from a cooking school I’d attended years ago and the other was a Country Life cookbook a friend had bought at a yard sale. I’ll never use them again. I told her they are hers to keep. Who knows? She may be another raw foodist someday. Or at least eat a large percentage of raw food.

I ran into the daughter of a couple who want to eat raw, though they’ve never contacted me. Not that they couldn’t do it without me, but my son had advised the man portion of the couple that I’d be a good person to talk to. There is a lot of valuable info on the forum they’d have to pay for somewhere else.

There were no ripe bananas available in town today. I went to three different places with no luck. I have three bananas in my desk drawer and some here so I’ll be okay tomorrow but I’ll need to do something for Thursday. I have frozen bananas but I don’t really care for them once they’ve been put through that process.

The Neighbor Cat was on the front steps earlier. When I opened the door, he made like he was going to dash inside. There’s a certain noise that warns Twinkle off. I tried it with the NC and he stopped. Must be a universal language.

I never got around to calling My Farmer. I need to make a note of her cell phone number so I can call her from home. She probably thinks I don’t need anything. I still have a lot of lettuces but I’ll be out of spinach soon.

I’ve been disappointed in the organic tomatoes and mangos. The tomatoes don’t have much flavor, the texture leaves much to be desired, and they are going bad very quickly. I ate as many as I could this afternoon and put the rest that had to be used in the dehydrator. I don’t like dehydrating anything in here during hot weather. My electric bill for last month was $59 and I don’t want to send it soaring to save a few sorry tomatoes. The mangos have a good flavor but I think they were heat-treated a little too long. I have to peel quite a bit away to get to the good part. The peppers are beautiful. I have no quarrel with them. I haven’t had time to try the cantaloupe yet. Bottom line is, I would rather get good quality commercial produce than second- or third-rate organic.

My rant has taken me to 9:30. I’m going to have to get off here and go to bed. Good night!

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