I’ll try to update yesterday if I don’t forget something.

I got up in time to do my BodyFlex and that was it. I’d gotten to bed late, as usual, the night before.


22 ozzies OJ
32 ozzies banana/mixed salad greens smoothie

46 ozzies banana/mango/spinach smoothie
1 pickling cucumber

2 bananas

Large (almost 3 quarts) salad of romaine, sweet onion, grape tomatoes, dressed with tomato/mango dressing

I was able to get in two three lap rounds, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I was going down the corrider when I met one of my co-workers. I went into power-walking mode and she said, “Okay, Miss Fitness!” Guess that’s better than being called “Miss Fit!”

After work, I did a literal drive-by of Mother’s grave, then headed for the Asian market. They’d saved me four boxes of beautiful Ataulfo mangos. This time, they were 20s for $11.50 a box. They’ll do me for several weeks. “Fortunely” they last well in the fridge. I got one box of coconut. When I told the man awhile back that I didn’t want to get fat, he laughed.

I’d just about decided not to go to the organic grocery but changed my mind at the last minute. I was looking for Bragg EVOO which they are evidently not carrying any more. I was told by more than one person that they never had it but a nice lady backed me up and said she’d gotten it there, too, and she prefers it. When I was checking out, she came over and asked if I’d been able to find it and advised me to try the university supermarket. I thanked her and said I’d do that. She and her husband left. I was kicking myself because I hadn’t given her my card. She looked like someone who cares about what she eats. I got out to the parking lot and there they were, in the vehicle next to mine. She rolled the window down and I gave her my card, telling her to look me up. She asked, “What do you do?” I told her I eat raw food and tell people about it–that I’m a loudmouth. I showed her which was my blog and which was my forum. She wanted to know if I charge for it and I said no, it’s free, though I do have t-shirts, caps, totes, etc. She’d noticed I had a tote but hadn’t seen what was on it. She’s been trained as a nutritionist and was enthused about eating raw food. The more she eats, the better she feels. Her problem is when she goes to see her children (they moved to this area to be near them) or goes out to eat. I told her I’m like a Boy Scout–I’m always prepared. They went on their way and I went mine.

Next stop was a supermarket that isn’t living up to its name. It’s BiLo (pronounced “buy low”). I was shocked with the way prices have gone up. The Campari tomatoes were the only thing that were still what they’d been before but they were so pale, I didn’t buy any. I didn’t buy anything. Going out the door, there was a pleasant couple giving chances on a grill in exchange for a donation to a Bible school. I donated but I didn’t fill out the slip. They suggested I could give the grill away if I won it but I wouldn’t want to spread the ability to have cancer more easily so I passed. I gave them each a card so they could understand why I’m so weird.

Aldi had gone up on prices, too, except I got one little clamshell of grape tomatoes. They are the brand Wally World sells for around $2.50 and I paid $1.49. That was the only one they had or I would have gotten more. Grapefruit had gone up to 49 cents but that’s half Wally World’s price and 1/3 BiLo’s. I got 48. They had both seeded and seedless watermelons for $2.99. I got three of the seeded.

Wally World’s produce department was doing better except for the higher prices. Guess the increase in a gallon of gas is getting all of us. I got what I needed there and came on home.

I was about starved after my banana snack. It was awfully late to eat but I did it, anyway. It was 11:03 when I turned out the light.

That’s it until today. It’s an hour until Sabbath. To be continued.

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  1. Valerie June 4, 2007 at 2:37 pm #

    Good for you out there spreading the word about raw food!

  2. Tommie June 4, 2007 at 9:46 pm #

    You should know by now I don’t keep quiet where raw food is concerned!

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