The humidity is 20%. Desert conditions in Tennessee?

According to WeatherBug, rainfall here this month is 2.26″. That’s where I work. Where I live is about 10 miles away and it’s gotta stop somewhere. I don’t know if it’s been that much right here.

I got up and did my vision therapy as planned. My left eye was just about up there with the right. I’ve been reading the labels, etc., on the mail with no glasses. Some of that print is awfully small and light but I’ve done it!


23 ozzies OJ
32 ozzies banana/mango/spinach smoothie

30 ozzies banana/spring mix smoothie
1 pickling cucumber
5 Ataulfo mangos

Almost three quarts watermelon
1 quart salsa (it was so hot and spicy I didn’t finish the last 1/2 C or so) (I put a chopped cucumber and half an avocado in it) (plus some agave nectar to try to calm it down)

Since the humidity is so low, the air is like Nebraska. It feels cool in the shade even though the thermometer says it’s hot. That’s the one advantage with no rain but it’s the only one. Everything is getting brown and crisp. Walking on the lawn makes noise and that isn’t good. I walked twice today–three laps in the morning and three in the afternoon.

Will wonders never cease?? A woman I’ve known for years in passing showed me a side of herself that I’d never seen before. We’ve never really talked much before but one of the nursing staff came and told me the lady wanted a recipe for veggie burgers. It was so unusual I had to go out and talk to her. She’s quite large and I always thought of her as someone who would never consider eating any way other than how she was brought up. I couldn’t have been more wrong. She had gone to the library and checked out The Hallelujah Diet. She was about halfway through it. She was talking about wanting to eat good food and getting healthy. The fact that I’ve never eaten meat was fascinating to her. Plus, she was interested in my green smoothies. I gave her a sample of my lunch smoothie and she liked it. I’m going to give her a couple of my vegetarian cookbooks. As a matter of fact, I think they are vegan. I know one is. I’m encouraging her to go to the library and have someone help her with getting online. She was telling me she wants to start eating more raw food. It was a new concept that I eat 100% raw. It was to me, once upon a time…She’s younger than I am so it would be good if she can get started cleaning up her eating now.

There was a message from my ISP that we are all being migrated to PeoplePC next month. I’ve been looking for alternatives. I came across Speed Matters and I’ve joined the fight. I’ve sent e-mails to my representatives and have printed off hard copy letters to mail tomorrow. I’ve been so frustrated (could you tell?) by the lack of broadband and now I’m letting myself be heard. If you care about me and all those out there like me, put in your two cents’ worth, too.

My Farmer brought in the spinach and lettuces I’d ordered. I have over a POUND AND A HALF of organic spinach and enough smoothie lettuces to last me until next time and all for $11! The spinach, alone, was $4.50. Wonderful! I love it! And it’s all clean and ready to use! She included a little freebie bag of new potatoes for me to munch on. I ate one this afternoon and shared with the others but there were no takers except for one lone person.

It’s late and I’d planned to be in bed long ago. I’ll be going shopping after work tomorrow.

Good night!

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